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“Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s hockey night tonight…”


I hope this post finds you all well and thank you to everyone so far who’s subscribed. I hope I can keep you all sufficiently entertained.

This is just a quickie post to let you know that the first chapter of my new story is up at Literotica. Click on the link to the right here and check out chapter one of “Breaking Through the Ice.” I hope you enjoy it!

In other news, PennLady (a.k.a. Eve McFadden) and myself are hard at work on our very first hockey romance anthology. It is due to be released tomorrow but I’m not sure if that’s for sure now. I’ll keep you posted. At the very worst, it might release some time over the weekend. We wanted it to coincide with NHL playoffs.

Speaking of which…who’s rooting for who? My team didn’t quite make it – and I still love them to bits! – and I’m not emotionally attached to any of the candidates right now. I did enter a hockey pool and so I guess by default, I’m rooting for Vancouver (Ugh) and Washington. Washington mostly just because PL’s such a big fan. 🙂

And now I should get back to writing and finishing “Breaking Through the Ice.” I hope to see you all around here in the days and weeks to come!

Take care and happy reading!



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8 responses to “New Post

  1. Amy Ferguson

    Huge fan! loved the new story. i’m habs all the way…even though i live in Arizona now and the coyotes (i still cal them the jets) are here. It’s a special type of punishment that i never get to see my team play live and that the games are pretty much never televised here.

  2. Trish

    I’m a big fan as well. Super excited to head over and read the new story! I’m a red wings fan through and through. Still love the HZ story you did awhile back 🙂

  3. remykat

    Hi ya! I am also a really big fan of yours and Pennlady and can not wait to see what you two are able to come up with. I think after reading your ICE stories I began to enjoy hockey just that much more 🙂 Go Flyers!

  4. Van

    I love the new series! Very cute so far, I can’t wait for more. I hope to hear more about you and pennlady’s up coming work. I love and miss the uncovering the ice serie very much. I am root much for you guys and hope to read more of your work soon. Also, thank you for keep us posted!

  5. anna_wilde

    I’m such a huge fan. I love your hockey stories! Some of my closest friends play hockey in college. We often joke that our favorite color is hockey! I can’t wait to read the next chapter of Drew’s story and thanks for keeping us posted on how your job and your writing is going! 🙂 Happy playoffs!!!

  6. Karlotta Rosa

    I love your work and am a hugh fan of yours – although the land down under does not really have a great hockey audience – thanks for the blog and keeping us all up to date – gives a greater insight to your fans !

  7. Jess

    I’m cheering for my caps and pens! Even do rangers are my home team! Hahahaha. I’m a true red fan! Lets go Caps!

  8. KC Reisdottir

    My heart would be crushed to a million little pieces if it ends up being Hawks v. Caps in the finals!

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