“Melting The Ice” Release

Great news! The hockey romance anthology I told you about last time is now available for purchase through Republicapress.com – click on the link to the right to go right to my page there. The compilation with Eve McFadden is titled “Melting the Ice” and features four stories previously posted on Lit, that some of you may have seen before. If not, now’s your chance to buy and read the stories for the first time.

Eve and I each wrote two stories. Her two contributions are first in the book. The first one is “Ghosts of the Forum” and it was an award-winning submission on Lit last year, I believe. The second one is “Game Misconduct,” which is my favorite of the two, personally. 😉

For my part, I chose “Tip of the Iceberg” and “Uncovering the Ice.” Both have been reworked extensively, and for the better, I assure you. You will see the differences if you’d read them before. I was thinking earlier today that I might do a post at some later date with the ‘cut scenes’ from each story, just for fun. I was particularly attached to some of the larger scenes that were cut from each so I’d love to share them some day.

In other news, my full-time job is keeping me busy and in the best way. Over this past weekend, the company I work for, a small, family-oriented, tight-knit company, had a very big night on Saturday. We attended an awards show and won a very prestigious award. I can’t give details because I want to preserve some anonymity here. 🙂 You understand, right? Thought so. Anyway, it was a huge deal for us all and I’m still reeling from the sense of accomplishment and recognition. THEN, to top it off, our book gets released today??? If I get one more hunk of good news chucked at me, I might just keel over. No more stories…

Naaaaawwww. I’m just kidding.

Now I’m off to submit the next chapter to “Breaking Through the Ice.” It should – all things considered – be on-line at Lit by Thursday but keep an eye out for it.

Oh, and one other thing, this is strange but my story submission “Trading Ice” was taken off my Lit page for some reason. I think the error may have been mine. I did recently remove several stories – which I’m sure a few of you noticed – but “Trading Ice” was not one of them. I’ll have a quick look over my copy and resubmit so it should be reposted soon. It was an anonymous poster who pointed that out, so if it was YOU, thank you!! I might never have noticed otherwise.

OK, seriously. I have to go now. Stop prolonging the conversation. 😉

Love you guys! Thanks for all your comments and subscriptions. You know I love hearing from you all! Now get out of here and go buy my book. Luv ya!

Take care and happy reading!



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10 responses to ““Melting The Ice” Release

  1. Eve

    Hi! Thanks for the shout out. 🙂 To clarify, Ghosts of the Forum won 3d prize in the Literotica 2009 Halloween contest. I hope it’s even better now.

  2. Van

    Congrats on the new book! Both to you and eve. I am a big fan of the ice/hockey stories! Please continue to write them and i hope to read more books and online stories by you and eve soon.

  3. Dawn

    I’m a huge fan of both you and Eve and your respective hockey stories/series. Would love to be able to get this for my Kindle. Will that be an option at some point? I’ve read all 4 of these and can highly recommend for anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure yet.

    • Eve

      Hi Dawn.

      Thanks so much. 🙂 This should be available on Amazon soon. It usually takes a few days. It should ultimately be available there, on Smashwords, and is up on Bookstrand.com and AllRomanceEbooks.com, as well as well as on Republica Press.com. And at RP, you can get it in mobipocket format, which works on the Kindle. I put that file on mine and it looks good (I love my Kindle!).

  4. KC Reisdottir

    Did I ever tell you that out of all your hockey series… this was my favorite?

    Now I definitely have to purchase an IPad to read your ebook!

  5. Susan

    So happy that B&N has this available for Nook. Ghosts of the Forum was one of my favorites stories on Lit. Although I have to admit to loving all of your hockey stories! I find myself re-reading them quite often.

    • Thanks Susan, for buying the book (if you did!) and for the compliments. You probably know this, but “Ghosts of the Forum” was written by PennLady/Eve McFadden. I will mention your comment to her next time we talk though. It’s always nice to hear from readers. Thanks again and keep an eye out for more stories!

  6. Taylor

    Why did you take a bunch of stories off Lit? 😦

    • I’m sorry to disappoint you, if I have, but when the compilation, “Melting the Ice” was released, I was required to take down the published stories from all free forums.You can purchase the entire book for only $5.99 on Amazon or through the publisher, RepublicaPress.com. The links to both sites are on the right side here.

      I still post new, free stories occasionally, so keep an eye out for those. Thanks for reading!

  7. Han

    Hi, I would like to purchase Melting the Ice but I can’t seem to find it online at any store. Is it still for sale?

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