Monday Blaaaahhh…

Hello all.

Happy Monday to you. Or if you’re east of me by about…five and a half hours, good Tuesday morning. Gah. I’m terrible with time zones. 🙂 Either way, I’m glad you’re here. So to speak. Well, I think that clinches it. If you’ve come here to read this latest post in the hopes that I’ll wow you with something intelligent…you might want to just move along.

I don’t know what it is tonight. Too much turkey over the weekend? Not enough REM? Not enough writing of the romantic tales??? Heaven forbid. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t going to post tonight but I said I’d try to keep up with this blog and this is me keeping up. Barely. I’m doing all right, actually. Just tired. Long weekend + rain clouds on Monday afternoon = Blah. 🙂 See? Intelligent, no? hahaha

I’m watching the Penguins-Tampa game right now. Anyone following the NHL playoffs out there? I know I asked this last time, but now that a few teams have been eliminated (Down with Anaheim!! HAHAHA!) I wonder if anyone has switched sides. Or maybe that’s saying it the wrong way. Have you decided to throw your support behind another team if your team is now out? It’s not easy, I can relate. 😉 I do enjoy just watching the games, no matter which teams are playing. I love the sounds, I love to see the crowds getting into the games. I could do without the chatter from the commentators sometimes but hey, that’s why the mute button was invented. And to think, the playoffs are going to be done in another five or six weeks and then we’ll all be waiting until October! *gasp* I’ll manage. Why do you think I started writing those hockey stories in the first place?

On this past Friday, I went to my family’s place just outside of town for a big family dinner. My dad, brother and I are all into the hockey. Surprised? I know. Canadian family loves hockey? Practically unheard of. Anyway, my brother was telling me about his hockey pool that he’d joined and who his picks were, etc, etc. I told him about mine, he bugged me about my choices, I bugged him. It doesn’t matter that we’re both in our thirties now, competition in our family never dies. I made a comment about how I thought it would be exciting/good for Nashville to win the first round. Not because I like them all that much but because I can’t stand Anaheim. Don’t know if you caught that above. 😛 Anyway, I told my brother that and he being the contradictory dude that he is, decided he’d cheer for Anaheim then. I wanted to call him today to rub it in but I didn’t. I’m happy with the moral victory.

OK, OK. Enough about hockey. I can see you all rolling your eyes. Don’t even try to deny it.

Oh, one more thing. Game’s back on and I miss #87. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

I suppose I should mention that I submitted another chapter of “Breaking Through the Ice” on Literotica. It should appear on the site on Thursday, like usual. I’m still not finished writing the entire story but I’m close. I know how I want it to end. The funny thing about being overfed and sleep-deprived is that I tend to have my creative brainwaves. I was flip-flopping on how I wanted to end the story with Drew and Mina and I’d been bouncing ideas off my friend-


Ahem. Where was I? Oh yeah. So I was bouncing some different ideas off my friend (and editor) and she had some ideas as well. The thing was, I’m at the point in the story where I could drag things on for a while, either with them being happy-in-love-

Dammit all to hell and back. Tampa just scored. Ugh.

Sorry, sorry. So I’m at the point where I move things along or not. Well, I can’t end it where I have it now but I don’t want to go on and on. I was waffling on how to continue it until I had my brainwave. I won’t tell you what the brainwave was. You’ll just have to read it when it posts. I think I’m up to nine chapters at the moment. So there. You have all that to look forward to. I never expected to have it go on this long but I don’t mind the pace and so far, the reader reaction is favorable. How about all of you? Have you read it? What do you think? You do realize the only reason we write for the free websites is to get the feedback, you know. 🙂 Well, that’s why I do it. And I just have to write.

Wow, OK, I think I’ve gone on long enough here. I hope this post finds you all well and satiated after the Easter weekend. I’ll be talking to you all later.

Take care and happy reading. 😉



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5 responses to “Monday Blaaaahhh…

  1. Amy

    I checked my google reader and saw your post as i just finished watching the same game. I don’t know why but it totally cracked me up. I’m liking the playoff hockey so far. My team (habs) could be doing better and husbands team wins the distinction of the only team to get swept but it just seems like a lot of the games have been really good, fast, exciting games.
    I’m liking the chapters so far….i really enjoy the character development. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Jess

    I love this post! It had me cracking up. I missed the pens game! But I heard Staal made a goal… My love! I can’t believe there’s already 9 chapters. I’m going to try and hold out to read the rest by the time you put up the final chapter. I know it’s going to be hard!!! But im so impatient! I can’t stand waiting! Ahhhh

    On another note! My Washington Capitals made it to the next roud! Ahhhh! Love them! Even so they did beat my hometeam. Sorry rangers, I became a caps fan first! I was going nuts on Saturday. It sucks that I’m the only person that watches hockey in my family, Spanish (south America) family tend to stick with soccer! Ugh.
    Their lost!

    Well! Can’t wait for the update!

    I think I blabber enough!!

  3. Mark

    Love the Caps. Long suffering fan. I hope they don’t break my heart this years like in years past. Can’t wait to read the next chapter. I have liked Drew in the other stories. Question? Why did you repost Trading Ice. It’s a great story and Sabres and the Blackhawks to win tonite.

  4. Liz

    I too was thrilled to see the Ducks go down! However my reasons were because of my undying love for the Preds! Yay for hockey and your stories about it!

  5. Van

    Yes! Capitals made it! You have absolutely made a ice hockey fan out of me. I am excited to see how the rest of the season will go. On another note, I love reading your blogs. I enjoy the feeling of interaction that your blogs give, it feels almost like a conversation. Also, I enjoyed the new ice series and I don’t mind it being long. It is such a lovely and cute series that I cannot help myself waiting for your next post almost everyday even though I know it is coming on Thursday. Wish you well and can’t wait for your next posting!

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