This is just a quick post to let you all know that “Melting the Ice” is now available on Amazon Kindle for purchase and download. Someone had asked in the comments – Dawn, it’s there for you now! – and I’d received a few emails from readers. So there you go. Go buy it. Go on, go and get it. 🙂

Oh and one other thing, the next chapter for “Breaking Through the Ice” should be posted tomorrow. You know how I adore the feedback.

Gah! This game is stressing me out. I just wish someone would score already… And how dare the Lightning make Max bleed?!?! Ack.

OK. Back to writing and freaking out over the game. 😉

Take care and happy reading.



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3 responses to “Quickie!

  1. Dawn

    Score! Now I have to make myself wait until the weekend to read – once I start I’ll have to finish it. It’s a rule.

  2. Susan

    Will Melting the Ice be available for Nook? Please say yes! I love your hockey stories and that was one of my favorites.

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