Top 10 Lists.

Because you asked so nicely. 😉 This isn’t my usual night to post but since someone requested this, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, here’s my personal top ten cars and movies. Of course, these are my favorites for my own reasons. I can’t wait to read some of your responses and see how many agree or not.

Top 10 Vehicles:

10.) Aston Martin Vanquish – Bond. James Bond.

9.) Pontiac GTO – Couldn’t find a good picture but you know, it’s just one of those good muscle cars. Grrr…

8.) 1971 Barracuda – My dad used to have a ‘Cuda, complete with the chain link steering wheel too.

7.) Dodge Challenger – I actually love just about all of them, but I’m enjoying the newer models as well.

6.) 1970 Chevelle – Grrr…x2

5.) 1969 Camaro – Such a classic… Grrr…

4.) 1967 Mustang – Not the Shelby Cobra, but the more boxy looking one. All black, white racing stripes, soft, buttery leather bucket seats…oh yeah.

3.) Mazda3 – ‘cuz it’s mine. I just love my little Zoom, Zoom. And it does go zoom, zoom, probably more often than it should. 🙂 I can’t help it. I like to go fast. Hahaha!

2.) 2010 Camaro SS – Bumblebee!!

1.) ’36 Chevy Half-Ton – My late uncle used to build old GMCs and Chevys from scratch. Well, he’d take the skeleton of a classic truck and start to find all the parts to go with it. The real parts, not modern knockoffs. He and my aunt frequented auto swap meets all across the country until he could find all that he needed to get one all back together. This ’36 Chevy was awesome. He taught me to drive it the last time I was out there. We cruised up and down his lanes – he owned farmland just on the outskirts of Winnipeg, MB – and we even tootled out onto the highway for a stretch. It’s one of my favorite, lasting memories of my uncle. He passed away in 2009 and every time I see a classic like this one, I think of him.

Top 10 Movies:

10.) Gosford Park – This is such a great movie, with all the different characters and the different storylines within the main storyline. Plus, I love costume dramas and Stephen Fry is awesome, as always, never mind the fact that he’s only in the movie for about fifteen minutes.

9.) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – I’m a closet nerd. Well. OK, maybe not so closeted. 😉

8.) Batman Begins – I just love Christian Bale and when I heard he was going to be the new Batman, I was super excited. I remember seeing this movie in the theater. It’s the only movie I can ever remember people clapping at the end of. I loved the return to the darker, more earthy Batman and the new-old Alfred was just fantastic. 😀 (& The Dark Knight – Again, I love Christian Bale and this movie, the whole Joker character, just blew me away.)

7.) Constantine – I’m not a huge Keanu Reeves fan but I loved the story of this movie. I’m a big fan of religious movies, or rather, movies that challenge the belief structures of religions and not just Catholicism, though those do seem to be more prevalent. Anyway, I loved this movie for the story and the detail it contained without being too bogged down. (While on the topic of religious movies, I also loved “Dogma,” “Stigmata,” “Gabriel” and “The Da Vinci Code” – though the book was way better!)

6.) Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – I’ve always loved the books and this movie was a stunning visual of the story. Loved it.

5.) Transformers – Oh, those sexy transforming cars and trucks. This movie literally took my breath away the first time I watched it. Unbelievable special effects, as if the robots were real.

4.) Labyrinth – I do not remember a point in my life when I did not have this movie. I remember the goblins scaring the bejeezus out of me the first few times I watched it and I couldn’t go to bed without my mom or dad checking under the bed for me. I still love the movie but different things make me smile, like those tights and that acting… *shudder* But it’s still one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen.

3.) Remember the Titans – I’m a big football fan, as well as a hockey fan, since I grew up watching games with my dad and brother, and I remember watching my brother play in high school. This movie is one of my favorite sports dramas and IMO, one of the better sports dramas out there. Plus, Denzel Washington is one of my all-time fav actors.

2.) Pride and Prejudice – The BBC miniseries, not the abrupt and annotated Keira Knightley version. Just…ick. Anyway, I know the miniseries isn’t a movie, but I’m including it anyway. 😉

1.) Anna and the King – There’s no grand reason why I love this one so much. I loved “The King and I” growing up, as I had a thing for all musicals as a kid. More than that, I just loved the idea of two people from such different worlds finding enough common ground to fall in love. Or maybe it was that they were so different that they fell in love. Who knows? Either way, this movie is visually appealing (the scenery is amazing!) and I always, always get choked up at the end when Anna and the King dance on the balcony. *sigh*

So there you have it. Love? Hate? Agree? Disagree? Don’t give a damn? 🙂 Lemme have it!

This was fun, either way. Next time, I might do top ten books. Although, that might have to be more like top 20, since I have so many…

As always, take care and happy reading!

P.S. Y’all should check out the latest chapter of “Breaking Through the Ice” on Lit now!



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3 responses to “Top 10 Lists.

  1. Lady Falcon

    Top Ten Cars (I am not sure I can come up with 10. I really just live vicariously through my hubby’s stories of all his…I love how every one of his former cars triggers multiple memories for him. He is 15 years older than me so he got to grow up in the muscle car hay day)
    1. Black 6 speed GTO with black leather seats with red piping and darts any year will do…they are all sexy as h-e-double hockey sticks! lol Wet dream waiting to happen…especially when sitting in the drivers seat fondling the stick shift and slowly pushing the gas down while holding the clutch in…feeling the power increase slowly as the vibrations of that throaty engine reach your seat. Ok, so there is only one car I would like to own but like I said before…I enjoy having a drivers license too much to actually have one sitting in my driveway. I admire all the classic muscle cars for their sleek beauty encasing powerful engines…like any sleek jungle cat waiting to pounce.

    10. Pirates of the Caribbean Series – I do enjoy Johnny Depp
    9. Miracle – What kind of hockey fan are you? lol You didn’t put this on your list!
    8. The Secret of Nimh – I had such a crush on the chief of security, Justin….yeah, I know its a cartoon movie about rats…whatever, I was 10….It was my first crush and I had it bad. lol
    7. The Day After Tomorrow – I have a thing for the end of the world as we know it movies such as…Core, Sunshine, Volcano, Armageddon, etc.
    6. Air Force One – Its another of my joys….military movies…Blackhawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, G. I. Jane, Pearl Harbor, Apocalypse Now, Behind Enemy Lines, Bat 21, all the Tom Clancy movies, Starship Troopers, etc.
    5. Don Juan DeMarco – again its Johnny Depp….but this time it is simply for the scene in the hotel restaurant where he seduces with words alone the girl at the table….honey, he seduced me too…I’d have given him my room key. But, then, I have a serious weakness for words…spoken or written.
    4.Gone in 60 Seconds – what is wrong with you woman…a car junkie and you didn’t choose this one! and its got NICK CAGE in it?! Mugsy, are you really of the female gender and into guys? lol, I’m teasing!
    3. Twilight movies…..yeah, yeah, I know….but what can I say..I’ve been reading paranormal and sci-fi stuff for decades…..its finally main stream enough to have movies and TV shows galore…don’t get me started on The Vampire Diaries…Damian is H – O – T.
    2.Book of Eli – I too love the religious themed movies such as Legion and the ones Tamara listed. I also really like Denzel….he is handsome but above that he is just a fantastic actor.
    1. Chronicles of Narnia Series – I too loved the books as a kid and am now reading them again with my 8 year old….she loves them too. This could have easily fallen into the Religious themed category because that is what C.S. Lewis intended when he wrote them but, I thought the cinematography and special effects as well as the acting rated it as its own spot.

    As to top 10 books…I’d have to go with top 10 authors or at least series…no way I could pick only 10 or even 20 books.

    • Wow, those are some good movie choices. Hey, I like what I like and I never thought everyone would agree! 🙂 As for “Gone in 60 Seconds,” can’t say that I’m a huge fan of ol’ Mr. Cage and I cannot stand Angelina. She drags down every movie I see her in, IMO. And the cars in the movie are great, but not enough to sell me on that movie. Sorry. :-\
      And you ask why I didn’t have “Miracle” listed, as I’m a hockey fan? Well, I’m also Canadian. No way would I choose an American hoo-rah story about hockey. No can do, my friend. 😉 I still like you, but come on now. You’re talking crazy talk! hehehe
      Thanks for sharing! Stay tuned for my fav authors and books, one day.

  2. Lady Falcon

    lmao….love it!

    ok, I get Gone in 60 Seconds and Angelina…and I know I have a decidedly weird taste in men. But, that is each her own when it comes to wet dreams and fantasies. lol
    And…I knew you were Canadian…giggling…I just wanted to see what you would say about Miracle…..and as always, you did not disappoint!

    Awwww, I like you too. giggling…wanna go on a play date? we can go scope out guys at the races and make up stories about them. The weirder the story the better. 😉

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