Sunday Mish-Mash

So here it is, another Sunday evening. The sun is shining, I’ve got my laptop on my lap and there’s a hockey game on. Life doesn’t get much better than this. 🙂

Who’s still following the playoffs? I believe I’m firmly in the Canucks camp now. I have to. It’s currently a mandate of being Canadian. I kid, I kid.

Oh, OH! Scramble in front of Niemi (Sharks’ goalie). And it’s already shaping up to be a pretty chippy game. God, I love hockey.

Did I tell you how happy I was to see Detroit lose? Not because I care so much about the Sharks but I just cannot stand the Red Wings. Just a personal opinion, that’s all. Don’t mean to offend any RW fans. Much. 😉

What’s new with everyone out there? I just started my summer part-time job again this weekend. If any of you followed my writing last summer, you’ll know I had a second job then as well. I don’t think I ever mentioned details but I’m working at a golf course in the ‘turf care’ facility. I spent most of my time mowing the greens or doing random manual labour tasks. Last year I took the gig along with my full-time job and they both started at the same time. (I’d been out of work for about seven months prior to that. Damn economy!!) It’s a great job, lot’s of work outside in the sunshine – and cold, believe me! – and perks that include free golf and use of the driving range. It’s a private club, so that’s a pretty big deal. I’ve just recently got into golfing and I’ve really enjoyed playing so far. My dad and brother golf and it’s nice to go out, the three of us. One of my closest friends is a big golfer; she once told me her dream job would be playing in the LPGA. It’s a pretty good part-time job, as far as part-time jobs go, but the one – biggest – drawback is that it leaves me with less time and energy for writing.

I know, I know. I don’t mean to neglect you guys. You know I don’t. But I have to do what I can to earn some extra $$$ right now. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there in the same boat. 😉 Anyway, more work, less time for writing and possibly more time in between submissions.

*ducks for cover*

I said I’m sorry! I really thought I could keep up with submitting “Breaking Through The Ice” once every week but it might be a couple extra days in between, depending on how my schedule at the golf course shakes out. I’ll do my best, believe me. I want your comments and feedback as much as you want to read my work. So just be patient with me for a little while until I get used to my new routine.

Oh man, Kesler just took a high stick in the face. Poor man’s already got like eight stitches in his chin from the last series. Still scoreless in the first. Just in case you wanted to know.

Let’s see. What else can I blather on about? Not much new happening here aside from work. I have another ‘top ten’ list in the works. It started as my top ten authors, which I think I can keep to ten. But choosing favorite books, even by those authors? Yeesh. I didn’t think I’d have such a hard time narrowing it down. Maybe sometime this week I’ll post one or the start of one.

Ah, and now they’re showing Ian White, a former Flame. Why couldn’t he make this kind of effort in my town??? Damn him. And they’re off again…Seems to me that the Canucks are controlling this game more often than not. Of course, I’d know better if I wasn’t blogging. Ha!

Oh, that’s what I’d been thinking about this weekend. I had a funny email/comment from a fan the other day saying that she’d (I’m assuming she’s a she, just from the tone of her e-mail) never ‘done this before’ and went on to request a story about a specific hockey player.

POWER PLAY for the Canucks! Wahoo!! Hmm, tough call actually. It’s goaltender interference but I don’t see it. Meh. One of the thousands of reasons why I don’t officiate hockey games. 😉

OK, back to the request thing. It wasn’t the person she was requesting that was funny – though her choice did make me smile; PL, I don’t need to tell you who. I think you’d guess in one try. 😉 – but it just got me thinking about all the people who have made requests in the past. Some I’ve accommodated and others ignored. Sorry, but I’m not going to write a dirty story about you, me and –

ACK! Almost a goal!!

Ahem. Oh yeah. Not going to write a dirty story about you, me and the neighbor’s wife. Or whatever. Ew. But a lot of people have requested different hockey player stories, either with specific players, teams, or scenarios.

I guess my point is, or rather my question is, do any of you feel shy about requesting something, like this anonymous emailer from the other day? Do you really care or get that excited if you see that I’ve answered your request with something? I’m just curious so I thought I’d ask.

And on that note, I’ll sign off. I have to give more attention to the game.

MOTHER F*… Uh, Sharks scored. *sigh*

And I have to give more attention to the story. Hope you’ve all had a nice weekend.

Take care and happy reading!



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6 responses to “Sunday Mish-Mash

  1. Mark

    My Caps broke my heart as I expected. I am still watching but I don’t care for any of the 4 remaining teams. San Jose is the least repugnant so they are my team.

  2. remykat

    To answer your first question that you asked if anyone feels shy about asking for something for a player, a situation or a story I can tell you that my answer is “yes”. But, it would not be something that I would come right out on the first time and ask if it was a personal request. If it was something that other readers would enjoy then maybe it would be brought up in a comment later on maybe. There are authors that I read and just get wrapped up in the story wondering what they could come up with if I asked for this or that, but it stops there and never ends up in a comment.

    Answer to your second question is Yes. I always get happy when I get a reply from an author whether it be a comment I left or an idea. I have never made any requests think I am still waiting for that one,lol. This lets me know that the comments us readers are leaving are being read and that time is being taken to reply back and making it more personable to get to know the authors. So yes to both questions, hope that my ramblings are understandable.

  3. Lady Falcon

    I am not in the least shy about making a request of my favorite authors on Lit. I have made one to you before……about wanting to see a female hockey player….and a male hockey player…I just love it when athletic competition and tension get turned into sexual tension….to me the adrenalin rush in both are nearly identical. 🙂
    And, Yes, I love, love getting responses from the author when I make a comment. One of the reasons I love this blog idea is because I can get a response…even if its not directly and only to me…it still gives me that personal connection to someone I admire….talent speaking…I don’t know YOU that well yet but I am highly impressed with you talent to write as I have tried to be a writer and just don’t have the talent or the discipline. 🙂

    I know absolutely what you mean about narrowing down favorite authors and favorite books would be impossible…in fact, I refuse to try. But, authors, I might can do it. Maybe. I don’t know. lol

  4. Ed

    Is there a particular reason for your Red Wing mania or is it just GPs? I can remember the glory years of Howe, Lindsay, Delvecchio and the battles with Toronto and Montreal. I also suffered through the 46 year drought. I must admit that I am enjoying the past 15 or so years. I also admire the organization and almost all of the players. They manage to keep a small head on their shoulders even in the face of their successes. Yzerman and Lidstrom set a pretty good example.

  5. KC Reisdottir


    I love how you’re doing a play by play whilst you blog!

    Honestly, the Canucks are my Canadian team, but it breaks my heart whenever I see a puck sail past my Antti! Once a Blackhawk, always a Blackhawk!

    I’m actually looking forward to tonights game and see what changes the Sharks have done to match the Nucks!

  6. Jessica

    Sorry you hate the Wings, watching Datsyuk stickhandle and Helm speed bring great joy to me. Plus Helm is pretty easy on the eyes 😉

    I’m enjoying your latest Ice very much and looking forward to the development. You’re very good at engaging your reader!

    Thanks for the pleasure of your work; playoff hockey is the best! J

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