Another Top Ten – Favourite Authors

A few weeks ago, I did my top ten movies and cars lists. It got me thinking about other ‘top tens’ I could blog about. Naturally, my mind went right to favourite books and authors. And of course, I could more easily count the stars than narrow down everything I’ve ever read.

I decided to start with a list of my top favourite authors, no matter what genre. Then I branched off into authors in specific genres; romance, science fiction, young adult. After that, I figured I might as well list my favourite books by author and genre… *sigh* I could have kept going until I’d listed everything on my bookshelf.

At last, I settled on the following list. Ten of my favourite authors, along with my favourite books by those authors. This doesn’t come close to every author or book I’ve enjoyed but it’s a good picture of what I do like. Some of you might agree, some might not, some of you might scratch your heads and say, ‘who the eff is that guy?’ Let me know what you think. 🙂

10.) Robin Maxwell – She writes historical fiction and most of her novels center on the Tudor era. I started with one called The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn. I’ve always found the Tudor era to be very interesting, what with the many wives of Henry VIII and the supposed virgin life of Elizabeth I. My favourite book by Ms. Maxwell though is To The Tower Born, the story of two young princes who were placed in the Tower of London for ‘protection’ only to never be seen or heard from again.

9.) Christopher Moore – I’m not even halfway through reading all his books but so far, I’ve loved every one, so I’ve included him in this list. This man has the most demented, sick, brilliant mind of anyone I’ve ever read. His books are not like anything else out there and I mean that. I chose his book Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal for my book club one month and ever since, I’ve been a big fan, though the one I really loved was Fool.

8.) Morgan Llywelyn – I started reading this author when I was fairly young and I have loved everything I’ve read by her. She writes Irish historical novels mainly but she also branches into the slightly fantastical with fictional accounts of Irish and Celtic myths. They’re a wonderful blend of history and fantasy in most cases and I am continuously transported when I crack open one of her novels. My favourite of hers was the first I ever read, the epic about High King Brian Boru, Lion of Ireland, and it’s recently been rereleased in a new edition.

7.) Nicole Galland – She’s only written three novels that I know of, and again, loved every one of them. My fav was probably The Fool’s Tale but it’s a toss up between that and Revenge of the Rose. Both great. They’re historical fiction and again, she has that uncanny knack of capturing a period in time and sweeping you along for an amazing story that you can’t help but feel a part of.

6.) L.M. Montgomery – My mom bought me the complete Anne of Green Gables collection for Christmas when I was 11, I think. I still have that set. It took me about ten years to read them. I don’t remember why, I started in on them right away and made it through almost six before I lost track or whatever. I love those stories though and I’ve reread them a few times since. Another series I loved was Emily of New Moon, in fact, I may have even loved it more than the Anne of Green Gables series.

5.) Jennifer Roberson – She writes fantasy mainly but she also did a stand alone romance called Lady of the Glen, which was the first one of hers I’d ever read. It’s a really wonderful romance/historical fiction novel. Her fantasy series Sword Dancer is also great and a very unique series; I’ve never read anything like it. My favourite series is The Cheysuli Chronicles though, about generations of shape-changing royals.

4.) Tamora Pierce – I think this author is classified as a young adult author but the themes and subject matter of her novels can become very adult. She’s also one of the first fantasy authors I’d ever read. I started reading her when I was in high school, I think, and I still enjoy her work, new or old. She writes series of two or four novels, most of them taking place in the fantastical world of Tortall. They don’t have to be read in order, but I’d recommend it. Start with Song of the Lioness, but my favourite series was The Immortals.

3.) Dianna Wynne-Jones – Hands down, my favourite young adult author ever. Again, I still read her work now, and I’m long past being a ‘young adult.’ Dianna is an amazing fantasy and science fiction writer. Forget for the fact that most of her work is considered YA. If you are a true fan of fantasy/sci-fi, you need to give her work a try. I’ve loved everything she’s ever written and her characters make Harry Potter look like a whiny pipsqueak with a chemistry set. Her worlds are complex and her stories are original. I don’t know if I could pick just one as a favourite for her. Hmm…maybe… Howl’s Moving Castle or Fire and Hemlock.

2.) Jane Austen – She’s classic and timeless for a reason. Sure, there’s no bodice-ripping or gratuitous violence but she had such a fantastic way of capturing the romance of her time. I can sit down at any time with one of her novels and feel like I’m discovering the characters and their love for each other for the first time. My favourite Austen is Persuasion, followed closely by Pride and Prejudice.

1.) Guy Gavriel Kay – When I sat down to do this list, there was no doubt in my mind who my all-time favourite is. He writes fantasy and my favourite work of his is a trilogy called The Fionavar Tapestry; the first one you want to start with is The Summer Tree. He’s also written several stand-alone novels, my favourite of those is Last Light of the Sun. The stand-alone novels he writes are so different. He takes a period in history, for example in LLOTS, the Viking invasions of Ancient Britain, and creates a richly detailed fantasy epic out of those events and places. Here is a list of his novels and honestly, it was tough to pick a fav of any of these, aside from the trilogy I mentioned above. All his books are wonderful and I’d reccommend any of them.

So there you have it. I think next time, I might write about favourite books by authors not on this list. Like Hush, Hush or Interred With Their Bones or The Eight 😉

Go Canucks!

Take care and happy reading.


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  1. Lady Falcon

    Looks like I have some reading to do as the only author I had ever heard of was the wonderful Ms. Austen. 🙂

    It would be impossible for me to only list my top ten books, but, I can do top ten authors…although, I will qualify this list with the comment that the authors on this list are only being pulled from those with a paper version of their book published…my favorite internet authors would be entirely different and a few of them…at least the top 5 could easily be published in paper. In my opinion which doesn’t count for much, I know. lol 🙂

    10. “The Power of One” by Bryce Courtney. It takes place in South Africa during apartheid and after…a movie was made of it as well, but as usual, the book is many times better.

    9.Jimmy Buffett – yes, the singer. He has a few books out…both for children and adults…they are well written and funny…good light hearted reading that actually has a meaning just like his songs.

    8. Stephanie Myers – only because of “The Twilight Saga” I have not been impressed with her other stuff. I only read her because I saw the first movie and thought it was worth a try. That and I have a weakness for the paranormal.

    7. Katie MacAlister if you are reading her as an adult and Katie Maxwell if you are in the YA section of the bookstore. I like her Scottish books romances because I am a sucker for all things Scottish and Irish…its the accent and the kilt. lol I also adore her Vampire books. All are set in modern times and all her writing has a comedy theme more than romance.

    6. Edgar Rice Burroughs and his “Martian Chronicles”. I read them as a teenager and loved them…I wasn’t able to collect them till I was an adult. I am looking forward to sharing them with my 8 year old.

    5. C.S. Lewis and his “Chronicles of Narnia”. Again a childhood favorite and am now re-reading them with my 8 yr old. We read a chapter most nights at bedtime.

    4. Nora Roberts – My favorites of hers are her fantasy/paranormal books; Irish Trilogy, Three Sisters Island Trilogy, and Circle of …Trilogy.

    3. Julia Quinn – Regency era historical romance…specifically her Bridgerton family series. The books are laced with humor and and a little bit of bodice ripping but my favorite characters of hers are the Dames of the Haute Ton…The ones all the good rakes run from…Lady Danbury and the secretive Lady Whistledown.

    2. Stephanie Laurens – Regency Era historical romance…all of her books…not a bad one among them. Her Cynster family caught my attention and I have been hooked ever since. There is a mystery mixed in to all of her books or a crime to solve and a lot of bodice ripping and waltzing provided a voucher to Almacks has been granted to the debutante in question. And of course her Grand Dame Lady Osbaldstone is wonderfully written. If you read enough into the series the heroines from the first 6 books become Grand Dames themselves…and isn’t that just a trip to read.

    1b. Christine Feehan and her Drake Sisters series and especially her Carpathian Series. She is categorized as paranormal romance. And while I agree the romance is there and the sex, oh boy, the sex, these are books that any man and many men do would be glad to read. The action, strategy and battles are well written and flow seamlessly. They would make excellent books if the technology exists to do them justice. After seeing Avatar, I think its possible with the right combination of people on the production team. Ms. Feehan has created a whole different and unique world with-in our current time frame in her Carpathian books. Because the Carpathians are so long lived we get glimpses of history as well.

    1a. Sherilyn Kenyon and her “Dark Hunter Books”. She also has created a whole world within our current time period. She starts with Mythology and goes so far beyond you forget you are reading Mythology. She draws from Greek, Roman, Norse, Irish cultures but mostly Greek and Roman. The romance is there but the action takes center stage. The fights and the storyline go far beyond the Romance category she tends to be grouped in. Again any man who reads would gladly become immersed in these books and many do…she has a cult following similar to Trekkies. She even has conventions. She loves Manga so some of her books are being re-published as such.

    I could not choose between Ms. Feehan and Ms. Kenyon hence the 1b and 1a.

    I look forward to seeing other peoples authors of choice.

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