Lost on Sunday

I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately. It’s been a nutty couple of weeks. By now I’m sure you’ve all seen that I finished “Breaking Through the Ice” and you can find all the chapters via the link to the right. I’ve also decided to give up my part-time summer job – I don’t know if I’d mentioned that before or not. The perks at that place were great, and I really did enjoy it, but it was too much. So I gave it up and now my weekends this summer are all my own.

Last weekend was still pretty crazy, as I participated in a charity golf tournament and dinner. It was a great time, good weather AND… I won the grand prize at the raffle. 🙂 It’s a pretty fantastic prize, something I never would have expected but I guess someone has to win the grand prize and the odds were something like 1 in 250 chances of winning something. I won!

So after all the excitement of that, work and family stuff, (who enjoyed their Father’s Days?) I came back around to my blog, thinking I should probably write something this weekend. And do you think I could come up with a topic? Of course not.

To be honest I get a little out of sorts at this time of year. The NHL playoffs are done and I have no hockey to watch. It sounds stupid but I really do enjoy watching the games. Not just my team, but any of it. I like the idea of never knowing how it’s going to end – except for that final Stanley Cup game. Gah. What was I talking about again?

Oh right, watching hockey, or any sporting event for that matter, you don’t know how it’s all going to work out. You could argue the same with most TV shows or movies but there’s something different about a live event.

So here I am, missing hockey and wondering how to fill the void. Maybe I should write about it? I tried. Something’s still missing. I need the sound of the game, that I miss. The noise of the crowd, the slice of the skates, the buzzer for every goal. So what to do?

I happen to have – don’t laugh! – the Vancouver Olympic hockey tournament on DVD. Well, what do you expect? I’m a proud Canadian. 😀

Here I am, just getting to the gold medal game and my heart rate is already up, even though I know the outcome. It never fails. And in spite of knowing how it ends, I am still going to stress about it until I see that overtime goal. *siiiiiiigh*

OK, so in my roundabout way, I wanted to ask if I’m the only one who gets excited about reruns of hockey, or any sports competition, for that matter. I mean, people rewatch TV shows, right? And favourite movies? I know I do; I have a collection of movies and TV DVDs that I go back to now and again, depending on my mood. There’s just something different about rewatching my hockey games though. (Did I mention that I also have the Heritage Classic game – the one played outdoors just this past February in Calgary? I haven’t rewatched it yet but I might get to it next weekend when I still don’t have new hockey games to watch.)

All right. I should stop now. I’ve probably bored some of you, maybe lost some others. I’m sorry. This is just where my mind is right now. There and on the fact that it’s already late on Sunday afternoon and I have to work tomorrow. BUT, next weekend is a long weekend for me so I’ll leave you with this:

Happy Birthday Canada! I’ll be there for the party on July 1st! Wahoo!!

Take care and happy reading.



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3 responses to “Lost on Sunday

  1. vicki

    Being Canadian, I love a good game of hockey. But when the stakes are high, like a gold medal game or important playoff games, I can’t watch them! I can’t handle the stress! I was in Whistler for the men’s gold medal game and every time I watched a bit, the US scored… so I missed the game winning goal! But the roar of the crowd told me all I needed to know! Also, I like to watch downhill skiing. Especially the falls. 🙂

  2. Lady Falcon

    I recorded the final Stanley Cup game (DVR best invention ever!!!) because no way would my hubby sit through any sport game…live or tv. I didn’t get a chance to watch it for 3 or 4 days so I already knew Boston had won…but, I still enjoyed it and I’m new to watching hockey. I talked with my 8yr old girl, who is a girly girl to see if she would be interested in going to a Charleston Stingrays game with me when the season starts back up. She kinda just shrugged her shoulders and went back to her arts and crafts. So, I don’t know if I can drag her to a game or not. 😦 I’d really like to see one live though. It’s not pro hockey but its as close as I’m gonna get where I live and I think the Stingrays feed up to the Capitals so its kinda cool to read your stories about the Caps and wonder if any of them ever played for the Stingrays. 🙂 Enjoy your weekends. I just got back from a 2nd honeymoon in the mountains of North Carolina. It was awesome! and so much nicer temps….I can’t stand the over 100 degrees F we’ve had this past week and still having. Take care and I hope inspiration strikes soon.

  3. jam

    i don’t have recorded videos of some games i attended but i know what you mean abt the different intensity in a live game…the sights, the smells, it’s just different and of course the euphoria of being with a lot of other people who are enjoying the game…the emotions are also more vivid…it really is fantastic to go to a live game 🙂

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