Too Hot!

Man, I swear I would have written on the weekend like I usually do but it’s been way too hot to sit hunched over a computer. I’ve been getting nothing done in the way of writing, editing or corresponding.

I know some of you probably live in places where it’s like this all year. I would have to kill someone. Probably myself. I’m just not into the constant hot weather. I get especially agitated when the humidity gets jacked up.

Now, I live in Southern Alberta and anyone who’s been here knows that it can get very hot in the summer. However, this heat here is almost a desert heat, very dry and mostly bearable. Not like the east coast where the humidity makes me want to shave my head and walk around naked with bags of ice strapped to various body parts. I can handle the heat here…most of the time. Today, oh wow, you could feel the thunderstorm brewing. When it gets humid here, it’s because it’s about to open up and Mother Nature is going to release the biggest bitch-slap of a storm on you. If you dare to flip her off in reply, well, she’ll just fire a lightning bolt right up your ass, so be warned. 😉

I don’t have a point to this except that there is still a major thunderstorm watch advisory for our city and the surrounding areas. We actually had a tornado hit in one section of the city last week – nothing terrible, just a little one that wrecked a few trees and toppled some fences and sheds and whatnot.


I want to write, I swear I do. I can feel how hot my fingers are getting even now and I’ve written…what? 300 words? UGH. I should probably mention that I don’t have air conditioning. That would be the logical thing but although I’m complaining profusely right now, honestly, this heat won’t last forever so I’m all right with it for a couple of days at a time. I’m not going to shell out the extra $$$ when I can sleep naked and point the fan right at my…well, you get the idea.

Anyway…I just wanted to touch base and say hey.


How are ya?

I’ve heard there’s some major heat sweeping through a large portion of the continent, actually. Not just here. All across the prairies and down through several states. Makes me glad I live so close to the mountains and I could drive for an hour to lie down in a glacier-fed lake if I really wanted to cool off.

So when the heat comes down this weekend – which I expect it to – I will get back to my regular writing. I’m trying to work on my next TAITS story for publication but you all know how I feel about editing. *kill me now…*

I’ve also tentatively started a follow-up to “Breaking Through the Ice” – but that’s very preliminary. 😀 Don’t get too excited.

Oh, and for those other fast car lovers out there (or lover, since I suspect there’s really only one of you who might care…) I spent my Friday night at the race track here in town and I kid you not, the stress of one of my most stressful weeks ever just disappeared at the sound of the first engine firing up. Aaaahhh, just thinking about it now relaxes me. And as long as there’s no rain on Friday, I’ll probably be there again. I’ll take a video next time and post that, even though it won’t be the same. All I’m saying is that’s it awesome therapy for me and it doesn’t cost me anything. 🙂

So for now, I hope you’re all staying cool… I’m not. I’m ready to run a cold bath, I swear. *sigh*

Take care and happy reading!



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3 responses to “Too Hot!

  1. Lady Falcon

    Hot? Did u say it was hot where you are? Huh. I know you acknowledged us that live down south of you but, allow me to be indignant for just a moment, please.

    This past week has actually been rather cool and nice. It only made it to 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, I said 93 was cool. There was even a nice warm breeze blowing…must have been your left over tornado wind.

    The week before saw us with every day at 100 or better…then when you add in that lovely humidity we are so infamous for…well, then your talking about 105 or so on the heat index scale. It’s enough to make a person think they are mutating to have gills like Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

    Ok, I’m done. I got it out of my system. 🙂

    What do you mean there is only one who can completely understand how the stress just melted away when you hear the engines racing around the track? lol….the rest have just never had the privilege of leaning against a grand car with the engine thumping away in a nice steady purr at a perfectly timed vibration that just…hmmm, makes a girl want to…ahh, well…you know. lol

    Enjoy the heat and the break….we will wait for you. I personally will be sitting in my lovely air conditioning with a nice 71 on the thermostat. 🙂

  2. Lady Falcon

    lol….I adore your sense of humor. It shows in your stories as well.

    And when I start sweating before I can walk the 40′ to my truck then it is hot. 🙂 We are expecting temps between 105 and 110 over the weekend. I don’t care how big your AC is..there is no competing with temps that high.

    I had to hum a little when I saw the cover of the JC Whitney catalog yesterday in the mail….it was a canary yellow BOSS 302 with smoke coming from the tires. I am not normally a mustang fan…but I have to give a little on that baby. It was sweet.

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