Mmm, That’s Sexy.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading more than I usually do. I mean, I’ve always been a big reader and I always have a stack of new books waiting to be read – paper and digital. 🙂 My energy levels have been too low lately to do much more than read someone else’s work instead of working on my own. So I feel like talking about what I read for a change.

I’m currently reading “White Night,” the ninth in a fantasy/mystery series by Jim Butcher, called “The Dresden Files.” I’d recommend reading them in order, starting with “Storm Front.” I started this series a few months ago and I’ve been hooked. Lucky for me, there are already thirteen books published in the series so I have a little ways to go before waiting for a new publication like the rest of the fans.

Anyway, they’re a great series all about a wizard named Harry Dresden, who lives and works in Chicago as a private investigator. Fantasy isn’t my usual genre, neither is mystery but I love this series. Dresden is a fantastic lead and the entire universe that Butcher has created is intricate without being too bogged down with useless details. Throughout the series, Dresden has grown as an individual and occurrences in each story affect him in future ones. Maybe I wouldn’t have noticed a lot of the subtle changes to his character if I’d read them a year apart as they’d originally been published, but still, it’s a wonderful, fun, absolutely entertaining series.

And that Harry Dresden…rowrrrrr. He is one sexy wizard.

In the beginning, he was cute, sweet and endearing. He has a whole chivalrous hero complex that is totally appealing. Then things start to happen to him, bad things. Part of him becomes less endearing and more intense and…questionable. And yet, he maintains his charm.

It makes me wonder why we read some characters and find them so wholly appealing. I mean, I know what it’s like for me to fall in love with characters I read. Even occasionally the ones I write. 😉 Most humans are visual creatures though. We see  someone and find them beautiful and attractive, like a movie star or model or whatever. I find it interesting that we can read a series of words and feel that same attraction.

My most recent book crush is Dresden, as I’ve displayed above, and I’m wondering how many others I have. Let me think…there’s the always popular Mr. Darcy. Who doesn’t love that guy? Of my top ten favourite authors, I suppose I’ve found literary lust with a few of those creations. My favourite author, Guy Gavriel Kay, is good at creating brooding, sexy heroes. And of course, romance male leads are especially appealing because we get their point of view a lot of times. J.R. Ward is particularly good with tortured male leads. Well, with writing them in a way that makes you sympathetic even though they’re supernatural killing machines. Grrr…

I’ve mentioned hers before, but I adore some of Eve McFadden’s leading men. They’re endearing and brutal and strong just like so many of my other favourites. I don’t mean to make it sound as though I only love the alpha males types. I’m also a fan of the underdog, or not just the underdog, but the unexpected choice, if that makes any sense. Eve probably knows what I’m talking about. We have this conversation often. 😉

Tell me something, my friends: which are your favourites? What is it about your favourite characters that makes them so appealing to you? Some similarity with someone you know? The fact that they’re the exact opposite of your significant other? Do any of my characters rate near the top of your lists? 😉 Hey, I had to ask.

For now, I’m going to go back to reading the sexy Harry Dresden.

Take care and happy reading!



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7 responses to “Mmm, That’s Sexy.

  1. Lady Falcon

    First point, maybe, I tend to wander. You said, “Most humans are visual creatures though.” I half agree with you. I am certainly guilty of lusting after certain actors and maybe even an actress or two…I’m woman enough to admit when a body is sexy as all get out even if she technically has the same equipment as me (see, I wander). But, more often than not, I’m falling in love with the character they are playing, so, in a way, I am still falling in love with the written description, the screenplay, of the character. Yes?

    I make this distinction because I can’t sit through a porno and their typically horrendous acting unless I’m getting drunk with a bunch of friends and we are making fun of it. Since the writing is so bad and the portrayal of that writing so bad and I am not turned on by the admittedly sexy bodies on screen, well, it must be the written word for me and not the visual. I know, I could just be the weird one. 🙂

    Ok, now, who have I got a crush on? Whew, I’m already blushing. My favorite author is a tie…we’ve discussed these at length before (see previous blogs)…Christine Feehan and her Carpathians are tied with Sherrilyn Kenyon and her Dark Hunters, Dream Hunters, gods and were-Hunters. Oh mama, have I got it bad for everyone of their Alpha males who also are unbelievably sweet and thoughtful. But, I think my all time favorite is Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Vane Kattalakis from “Night Play”. See my FB page under favorite quotes to see a small (1 paragraph) excerpt. I’m half in love with the love of his life as well, Bride McTeirney. She is a full figured curvy woman (the kind you see in the Lane Bryant ads). That is point 1 for her. The second point would be my next favorite quote from the same book (see FB again). I love strong women. They don’t have to be confident and alpha necessarily….I like seeing their flaws and seeing them succeed despite the flaws without crying the whole time. Come to think of it, its how I like the my men as well.

    Mugsy, I enjoy all of your characters in the end. I’ve commented on your stories when I was worried about a particular character and where she or he was headed. In the end though you have guided them to a perfect ending. I can not do what you do just as I can’t carry a tune to save my life. I admire and enjoy witnessing talent whether its a singer/band or a writer. Being a witness to such talent is also a turn on. (wandering again, sorry).

    I’m trying to think if I can pinpoint a favorite of yours…I am sorry about not remembering names or story titles off the top of my head (I snuck over to FB to get the info on Vane and Bride) But, I liked the hero that was visiting the hospital and he bought the nurse the skates. He was a favorite. Oh, and I absolutely adored, umm, he appeared in several stories before he got his own….the guys teased him about being a player but he wasn’t really….ahh crap, I hate my memory. I wanna say Drew, but I’m not sure. Then there is the guy who rescued the chick at the coffee shop confronting the arguing couple. Those are the ones that come to my faulty brain atm. 🙂

    • Lady Falcon

      Jamie Forsythe in “A Pair of Ice Skates” and I was right about Drew in “Breaking Through the Ice”
      I had to go thru your Lit page to find them (o what a hardship) lol. I could not find the one with the hockey players in the coffee shop coming to the rescue of the girl and the arguing couple….I am so afraid its not one of your stories…I confess, after reading your hockey stories I was obsessed for a bit for more hockey stories so I searched Lit for key words hockey and hockey player and etc. So, now if its not one of yours I’m terribly sorry and to make amends I purchased the ebook you and Eve wrote “Melting the Ice”. It was on my list of wants anyway but I went ahead bit the bullet. 🙂 Now, I must go read!

  2. jam

    i love alpha males as well…maybe it’s bec they tend to be reliable and dependable in crises LOL….but i have read alpha males who fall far short of what i’ve come to expect of an alpha male character….i dunno if it this relates to what you’ve written but just sayin’ LOL….

    my fave character of yours so far is, uh, matt something…the one who was injured…i liked him coz he gave jen a chance even though she was bitchy…i mean i can relate, sometimes there’redays when ur in a foul mood bec of something/someone and inadvertently take it out on some random person…but really, just a nice person having a bad day…

    anyhoo, still waiting for your next story to come out…

    ps: for the those wondering abt the char – it’s PennLady’s (Eve McFadden) Dominic Baddano from Nothing Gets Through

  3. Lady Falcon

    I’m shivering.
    I just finished “Melting The Ice”. It took me almost 24 hours but, it was so, so, so good. Thank you Mugs and please tell Eve thanks as well.

    I have two new crushes on characters from stories…

    1. Sean Bertrand – oh my goodness – but beyond Sean and its a lot to get passed him. The story itself was…perfect. I can’t help but wonder how much of Tamara is in Vanessa.

    2. Aidan Gallagher – from the 1st book in Nora Roberts Irish Trilogy “Jewels of the Sun”. I want to sit in a pub in Ardmore, County Waterford and watch the publican build a Guinness. while I listen to his lovely voice tell a story of the faerie folk tempting the humans down to their raft. I’ll hope for a session to just spring up and enjoy the music as well.

  4. jam

    my ultimate fave character though is matt farrell from paradise by judith mcnaught…

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