Facebook and Miscellany

Well, I’ve taken the leap. I’ve created a Facebook page. It just sort of happened, really, while I was revising my blog page. Speaking of which, I should be sticking with this blog design for now, no more revisions. It takes too much time. 😉 I’ve added links to several of my favourite books and authors on the right side here. There’s also links to just some of my favourite stuff; hockey, the Flames, and my home-away-from-home, Chapters. 😀

In other news, I’m starting to adjust to my busier work schedule and my energy levels are slowly climbing in the evenings. As you know, that means more work done on my stories! I’m starting to feel that irresistible urge to write something. Anything. I just get a twitch in my fingers and if I’m not writing, I feel a bit listless. Does that make any sense at all? Imagine your favourite thing in the world to do, whether it’s reading, gardening, taking your kids to a movie, whatever. Now imagine you hadn’t done that for several weeks, not for any significant amount of time, anyway. Then think of how you get the urge to do it again. Sound familiar? That’s how I’m feeling. So I’ll get back to it.

I also got to thinking this week about what kind of music I listen to. I have a playlist on my computer called ‘writing’ and it’s filled with more genres of music than I was aware I had. Let’s see… I’ll give you a sample of one section:

“A Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Presley

“Sleeping Sickness” – City and Colour

“Galway Girl” – Mundy

“Always” – Bon Jovi

“Secrets” – One Republic

“Running Up That Hill” – Placebo

I could go on and on. Maybe you haven’t even heard of some of those artists anyway. There’s also Queen, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Great Big Sea… 🙂 I enjoy so many different kinds of music. For writing, I like to mix it up, obviously.

I was talking with a new friend this week about how music reminds me of different things. A new hit this summer, “Rhythm of Love” by the Plain White T’s reminded me of him for some reason. Then I know listening to Duran Duran will remind me of Eve McFadden (she knows why! LOL) or listening to Garth Brooks reminds me of being in high school and listening almost exclusively to country music.

More than anything I love music or songs that tell a story. I’ve written a couple based on songs I enjoy (“That Summer” & “Peggy Gordon“) and I could probably find inspiration in others. It makes me think of how similar music and books can be. Or art, in general, I suppose. The creators are trying to get a point across. Yes, some are just trying to make a buck but why can’t you tell a story with a drawing or a lyric while you’re at it?

I suppose this isn’t the most focused of my blog entries, which maybe just displays how scattered I’m still feeling these days (I need to pick a story and just start writing something, dammit!). Anyway, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer days while they last!

Take care and happy reading!


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  1. jam

    yep, i hear you abt that listlessness when you wanna do something…i feel that when i haven’t read anything new from my favorite authors and when i haven’t gone out to the mall 🙂

    i also have a mixed playlist…different genres as well as different time periods lol…. one of my classmates in HS was surprised i even knew a nat king cole song lol….but my fave music was from the 80s, maybe because that was the time i was in my teens but i love that time! even the crazy fashion lol

    hopefully, i’ll find a new entry from you soon! 😀

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