Call me!

In a couple of my “Ice” stories, there’s a fun, sexy relationship device I like to use from time to time. Can you guess what it is? Ha! I bet you’re all thinking now of the naughty things I have my characters doing in each story but I won’t keep you guessing.

It’s phone sex. 😀

It’s a really great way of giving the readers a taste of what the leads in a story are capable of without actually having them get together. And hey, it makes sense, doesn’t it? These guys in my “Ice” stories travel all over the place for their work and are often gone more days in a month than they’re home. It just seems that they might have more reason to connect with their partner in that way. Plus, they’re fun and easy scenes to write, for me anyway.

I also like the way the characters feel a little freer to talk to their partner. Even the shy ones sometimes feel up for flirting and more over the phone. In my most recent “Ice” story, “Breaking Through The Ice,” Drew teases Mina a few times about phone sex but she never goes all the way with him, at least not in this episode of their saga. 😉

In another of my stories, “Uncovering The Ice,” the two lead characters meet via email at first and spend their time getting to know each other that way, and over the phone, before they ever meet in person. That allowed them to build up a rapport and interest in each other that went beyond pure physical attraction. I’m not saying it would be the same in real life necessarily but it’s a nice way to start by being friends. On the other hand, they did get busy over the phone before they’d ever met. 😉 Naughty, naughty, naughty!

I do wonder sometimes how realistic it is. Sure, maybe people who travel a lot for work or those who end up moving away for school do the long distance relationships. In those cases, I can easily imagine the phone sex angle. On the other hand, many people view the whole experience as something embarrassing or undesirable. For my part – and I speak from experience, I don’t mind admitting 😉 – it’s a pleasurable and sexy part of a relationship.

Of course, there’s also the fact that these men in my stories don’t always have a place to themselves when they’re traveling. That can definitely put a damper on any amorous phone calls. So then… Should I have them resort to cyber sex?

Oh, don’t be embarrassed! In today’s digital age, so many people do it via email, on-line chatting sites and even via texts. Again, I’m not saying it’s something everyone does, but it’s out there. It’s something else that’s fun to write and who doesn’t feel a little bit more brave sending an email with all your thoughts and desires. Could you do something just as easily in person? Maybe only with someone you were truly and deeply comfortable with. That’s not an easy thing to find. In my stories, I like to use either of these scenarios as a tool to create more intimacy between the characters. Does that sound silly? Completely unlikely?

I also think it’s funny that I use these tools so often in my writing, along with everything else my characters end up doing to each other ;). When I read a romance novel or watch a romantic movie, I actually prefer the ones without overt sexual references. I enjoy the ones where there are long moments of silence, where the male and female leads just look at each other. Or when they do touch and you almost feel your heart stop because you know just what it means that that contact was made.

Of course, you already know I love Jane Austen’s novels and those romances are all about falling in love with the mind and soul. One of my other favourite novels is “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell. It’s just unbelievable how you can feel the leads falling in love throughout the course of the book, and when they do touch you know they feel those butterflies because you’re right there with them. It might be more of a testament to how good the authors are that they make me feel this way but I just love pure romance.

Does it seem strange now that I’ve admitted that? Especially considering what I do write? I wonder what y’all prefer when reading or looking for a movie to watch. I think some of you must enjoy the sexy games I throw into my stories, otherwise you wouldn’t be here with me now. But be honest, do you prefer seeing the characters get it on? Or are you like me, a sappy romantic at heart?

In other news, have you been to Literotica lately and seen that they’ve posted all the nominees for the year end awards from 2010? Chapter two of my story “A Feel For the Ice” was nominated in the romance category. If you like me, click here and throw a vote my way. Also, my good friend PennLady is up for best editor and y’all know how much she helps me so you know how much she deserves a vote for that.

Thanks for stopping by again this week and I hope to get a lot more writing done soon. I’m going through feedback withdrawal over here!

Until next time, take care and happy reading!


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7 responses to “Call me!

  1. Lady Falcon

    I have been active duty Air Force and am married to a retired Air Force man so for us communicating via email, chat room, text, or phone has been a necessity as well as a nicety. There have been times when I only got to speak to him once a week and had to go to his orderly room in the middle of the night to place the call. Thank God for technology! His last deployment was the easiest for communications…he had an internet capable computer right on his desk. Whoo Hoo!!!! lol

    I won’t go into details but I will say this; more often than not the depth of the conversation is so much more when its done via technology. The barriers of appearance once removed allow an intense honesty. Because the person can’t see you; can’t interpret your mannerisms or expressions you have to be more eloquent and “verbal” with your conversation. It takes away the guess work. Did I mention how much I love technology? 🙂

  2. Rhee

    I am definitely the sappy romantic. I love the buildup of romantic tensions and the first touch and first kiss. I think that is why I enjoy your stories so much, you have a talent for building the tension. I also yearn for the tenderness of a relationship and the soul nurturing quality of emotional intimacy which is what separates plain old “sex” from “making love.” I do wonder though if reading romance novels/stories sets me up for unrealistic expectations regarding the nurturing and tenderness of men. I have yet to have a relationship with a man in which he truly savored the emotional intimacy as much as the physical side of the relationship. A wise person once told me that men give emotional intimacy in order to receive physical intimacy whereas women will give physical intimacy in order to receive emotional intimacy. So far, that little bit of wisdom has been accurate in the relationships I have had. . . . . Ok, that was a pretty big tangent.

    I said all of that to make the point that I think the “tools” of phone sex and cybersex go a long way in building that tension. Why there is definitely physical enjoyment in both, for me it is not as satiating as “the real thing.” But talking about what we would like to one another and how the thought of those actions makes of us feel is a potent form of foreplay. So I say, continue to use the phone sex in your stories, I love it!!!


    • Lady Falcon

      @Rhee, Which romance novels are you reading? Which authors, besides our dear sweet MugsyB? 🙂

      • Rhee

        I’m a Pride and Prejudice junky, so I read a lot of the P&P fanfiction and stories set in the Regency era. Of course any hockey inspired story, such as Mugsby’s and yours, gets my attention and gratitude. 🙂


  3. Lady Falcon

    Mine…oh no…don’t put me in the same category as MugsyB….I am not Eve McFadden (PennLady)….I think that is who you were thinking of…

    Regency Era is good..have you read Stephanie Laurens? In particular her Cynster series? I love that seeing an ankle is hot and driving in the park is declaring an intent to marry. Trips to Bond Street and the Modistes and carriage rides to Richmond to stroll along the river. Her men are absolutely Alpha men (the first 6 books are about cousins who all went to Waterloo and came back with nary a scratch) and while some of them literally cringe at the idea of a love match they all get caught in the end.

    The point being, her men while all are as rich as Bill Gates, have believable characteristics and attitudes. I have recognized parts of my husband in these men as well as other men I’ve been friends with. So, I know the good men are out there. 🙂

    • Rhee

      I will definitely check out Stephanie Laurens, sounds like a good series for me. I do appoligize, I did confuse you with PennLady . . . names are not my strength.

      • Lady Falcon

        No worries from me on the confusion and I understand names not being a strong point..its the same with me. I just didn’t want Eve’s body of wonderful work to be confused with my one little contribution to Lit. It would like be like comparing Austen’s work to that of someone who just learned to make a complete sentence. lol Writing is way too hard…I’ll stick to reading. 🙂

        Oh, and fair warning on Stephanie Lauren’s work…it is erotic. The love scenes are intense and descriptive and in some inventive locations. It is not for the faint of heart. The first book in the series is “Devil’s Bride” I just recently re-read it. I hope you enjoy.

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