Pick me, please!

When you go to a book store, what is it you’re looking for? Do you go in with a specific book in mind and head right for that shelf? Do you go in looking for some kind of non-fiction for research or school? Or are you like me and you just like to go in and look around? God, I could spend hours wandering through a book store, picking up this novel, or that one and scanning all the different genres until I find a book – or several books! – that I want to take home with me.

Or maybe you only shop for ebooks, in the comfort of your own home. I do that too. I can spend a long time browsing the Amazon Kindle store, checking out and downloading the free previews or seeing what’s new from certain authors. I’d still rather wander through the stacks in my favourite book store, but browsing the on-line ebook stores is always a good time as well.

I wonder what it is that makes me pick up a book to read. My first stops in any store are to find what’s new from my favourite authors. If that turns up nothing, then I start to make may way through the shelves, scanning titles, checking out covers. I don’t really think of browsing in any one genre either. I just walk up and down the rows, ending up in sci-fi or romance without paying much attention. I love all books. 🙂

When I browse through ebooks, it’s a little different. The tiny little icons for cover art don’t help much. On the other hand, reviews are a great indicator of what might be an enjoyable read. I find myself checking reviews on Amazon Kindle before buying something from there. When I check out a book in a book store, I don’t do that. Or can’t.

Anyway, it makes me think of what might attract people to my own work on Literotica. There is absolutely no cover art to draw the eye. Most people browse only in their desired genre, so gaining new readers can be difficult. And those little one-line blurbs we have to add for every story becomes the deciding factor between someone clicking on your story or ignoring it altogether.

I love knowing that somehow my stories got through to people when they might have moved on to something different. I mean, I love knowing that anyone at all is reading and enjoying my work. It’s why I do it. Sure, I’d write no matter what, just because I have to but I love being able to write for people.

I often hear from readers who tell me that they have never read my stories before but have since become fans of romance and/or hockey. I also used to get a lot of comments from people who told me that they’d avoided my stories for some time because of the hockey theme. They caved in after time. 😉 They all cave eventually! LOL

I love hearing from everyone who chooses to write to me or send me feedback. Not just because all writers love to hear how their work is appreciated, but because I find everyone’s stories so fascinating.

I recently had an email from someone who enjoyed “A Pair of Ice Skates,” because it reminded him of his relationship with his wife. I’ve had emails from people in countries that don’t have hockey – or snow, or ice – who tell me that they’ve enjoyed reading all about the sport since discovering my stories. And I love getting emails from readers who tell me that they never would have read my stuff because of the hockey theme in the majority of them. I feel like I’ve won them over to my side or something. 😉 Not that they’re complaining now. At least, I don’t think they are.

All I really wanted to say this week is that I’m interested in knowing how everyone decides what to read? Whether it’s something on Lit or something in a book store. I love reading just about everything so my problem is in limiting myself. I should take come pictures of my book shelves and post them here so you can see just how many books I’ve adopted through the years.

For now, I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday. Hugs for everyone!

Take care and happy reading.



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4 responses to “Pick me, please!

  1. I look at the title and generally read the first page. They either have me or they don’t. I am picky though. I want depth, connection to a character, unique word usage, and a plot that has potential all in the first chapter!

  2. Lady Falcon

    Oh my goodness. I’ve been trying to be good and make short replies..I might fail this time.

    In a brick and mortar (b&m) book store I am first going for the list I keep on my phone of books I want to read. They will be from several genres…fiction and non-fiction. Then I browse. I live an hour from the closest b&m. I would love, love, love to open a little book store in my little town…the kind with used books for swap and comfy chairs to read by and a fire place to cozy up to…maybe even have a tea and pastries (coffee if I must, bleh). I even have the perfect spot picked out right on main street. However, I really don’t think I would be able to stay in business so the dream is out for now.

    On Lit…way back 8 years ago when I first found Literotica I simply perused the new postings category after trying a genre and realizing finding anything readable within the pages upon pages of stories was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. I started saving my favorite authors pages to a folder on my browser’s bookmark title bar for easy access. Now its multilayered by genre and I have way too many favorites that don’t submit to Lit anymore. 😦 How do I find new authors on Lit now? I peruse my favorite authors’ favorites on their Lit profile. For the most part I have found the authors I like can be trusted to lead me in the right direction. I found you, Tamara, through Eve. I found Eve through Daniellekitten, I think. Daniel I just lucked upon through the new posts screen. Some of my favorites are people I have edited for in the past. I love seeing the little red “H” next to their stories even if I don’t edit for them anymore. I feel all proud…lol…even thought I have no right to feel that way. The ones that don’t have the little “H”s just haven’t been found by the right readers yet. 🙂 If none of my favorites have anything new and I can’t get into one of my old favorite stories then I go back to the new postings.

    The only e-book I have purchased is yours and Eve’s. I am not sold on the format yet for my favorite traditionally published authors because I really like to hold a book and curl up with it. I like seeing the lines appear in the spine the more times I go back to visit with the old friends inside the cover. There are some authors on Lit I wish would really get published the traditional way so I can put them on my bookshelves.

  3. blue

    just wanted to vent a little bit…if you weren’t gonna publish the story you were writing, why talk abt it at all?!?! that’s a terrible kind of tease esp since you haven’t written anything for AGES 😦

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