Books and Some Randomness…

I’ve recently had to start going through my stacks and stacks of books in order to get rid of some. I’ll be moving shortly and moving fewer books is always easier, right? I have a hard time letting go of my books though. I’ve moved 3 times in the past 8 years – not a huge amount, I know – but every time, I’ve carted around more boxes of books than anything else. Even kitchen goods – dishes, utensils, etc. – don’t take up as many boxes as my books. I’ve sold and donated a lot of books before every move and I still have more than I need. 🙂

I know you know I love to read. You also know that I’m published in the ebook format, so maybe you’re thinking that I should be going that route for my own reading. I do read a lot on my Kindle and Kobo apps but I just prefer reading books in print still. I’m a bit of a collector of books. Sure, I buy the newest ones from my favourite authors but over the past few years, I’ve also sought out older publications by some different authors. Not rare editions or anything, but just books I’ve read in the past, usually borrowed from the library, and then wanted them for myself.

There’s the “Unicorn” series by Tanith Lee (It starts with “Black Unicorn,” then “Gold Unicorn” and finally “Red Unicorn“.) I do enjoy a lot of Tanith Lee books but her fantasy/sci-fi creations are a little out there for me sometimes. Then there was one of the first books I’d ever read by L.J. Smith. It was called “Night of the Solstice.” I couldn’t find that one for the longest time after reading it from the library. I tried on-line searches, used book stores, everything. Then her old series, “The Vampire Diaries”, was reissued and found new life recently. Following that, all her other novels have been reissued, and voila! I got a brand new copy of that old book. There’s also some I’m still searching for and might never find, like the sixth book in a series called “Legend of the Five Rings.” The book is called “The Dragon” by Ree Soesbee and I’ve never been able to find it, new or used – or rather, never been able to find a reasonably priced copy. I even contacted the publisher once to see if I could purchase it directly from them. No luck. So let me know if you ever come across that one! 🙂

Back to my original point: going through books and deciding to get rid of some is hard for me. In the end, I have to look at a book or series of books and decide if I’m ever going to read them again. I reread some of my favourite authors and books over and over again. But at some point, I have to ask myself, how many am I really going to reread? All one hundred? All one-fifty? Probably not in a short period of time, but eventually, I will go back and reread some of those. I’ve read my favourite novel by my favourite author probably four times in 15 years. Doesn’t seem like it’s very often, but it’s a huge book. Or rather, it’s three books in one.

Enough of that rambling… I wonder if all of you have books that you go back to time and again. Or if you have books that you just can’t let go of. Like I mentioned above, I probably have at least a hundred books that I just will not get rid of, even if I might not read them again for five more years. I find myself rereading or skimming the ebooks I have more often, but that’s just because I have my iPhone with me everywhere and if I’m waiting somewhere, I can just open up any book right there.

So what sort of stories or books do you come back to over and over again? Are there any novels that you’re particularly attached to that you wouldn’t give up for anything? Not because they’re collectible necessarily but because they mean something to you? I’m just curious and since I’m having to go through my books this week, I wonder how I can decide to get rid of some or why I should keep others.

And I’m extremely distracted again this week – more CFL playoffs. 🙂 The Grey Cup is next week so I might just have to blog on Saturday instead. We’ll see though… I also have to do some baking for my brother’s birthday, and finish packing/moving, etc. *sigh* There’s just never enough time for writing. Then again…I have been doing some work on my next “Ice” story!

Oh, and speaking of hockey romance, check out Eve McFadden/PennLady’s latest hockey romance, Rhythm and the Blue Line. It’s fantastic, trust me. 🙂

Until next time, take care and happy reading!



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12 responses to “Books and Some Randomness…

  1. Miriam :-)

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Sorry you are having to go through the move … that’s always so much work, but amazed to hear how many books you have. As for me, I rarely reread a book or see a movie more than once. I think that is because when I read it or see it the first time I become so intensely involved that I remember all the details. Thus, it is no fun for me to reread something I remember so clearly … or “think” I remember clearly. 🙂
    Several months ago when it seemed you and PennLady were taking a break from your ‘Ice’ stories, I had to find something else to read and discovered The Project Gutenberg for free online reading. Lately I’ve been enjoying novels by Mary Jane Holmes. I’ve been fascinated by the writings from the late 1800s that are classified as romance novels. Still, I don’t think I would reread any of them. I just want to keep finding new material to read.
    BTW … glad to hear you are working on another ‘Ice’ story. 🙂

  2. Lady Falcon

    I have at least 500 books in my personal library. If they make it to my bookshelves then they are keepers. But, I’ve always had the benefit that when I move the military packs me up. 🙂 I am sure if I had to pack myself then I’d be more selective.

    I re-read my “friends” all the time. The benefit of these friends is for the most part they never change but they do often teach me something new. I know its because I’m in a different place in my life and a phrase will stick with me more than it did the last time I read it…but, I like to think of it as my friends teaching me something new…too bazaar?

    I just finished skimming through “Acheron” by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have the hardback and its at least 2.5 inches thick. Before that I read my absolute favorite book by her, “Night Play”. The heroine, Bride McTierney, just strikes a cord with me…maybe because she is a healthy size 18, but, I think its more than that. Maybe I just listened more to her because she is a woman I could swap clothes with and not have to suck in parts or lay on the bed to get the zipper up. The hero, Vane Kattalakis, oh baby, I’d been watching him in the previous books in the series and I was waiting for him to get his book. Tortured souls and alpha males just do it for me. lol If they are a Were its even better.

    Before that I was re-reading all the hockey stories from my two favorite on-line publishers…lol, it was fun trying to place them in order across two authors. 🙂 I am sure anyone reading this blog knows the two ladies in question.

    I am out for a while….Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of one of the Great Lakes. I cannot wait to make myself miserable at the table….omg, the food orgasms I am about to have are already filling me with adrenalin. lol

  3. Amanda

    Books are also collected in this house. We have books that I haven’t read yet but are on my list. Unfortunately, that list gets longer if I go back and re-read an old favorite or watch something that inspires me to read something else.

    I do feel your pain in editing your collection. I’ve done that before only to find myself repurchasing that book later. I also am not looking forward to packing up my home in the new year. Especially since most of it will go into storage for 6+ months. It’s amazing how we can be so attached to stuff. Its just stuff and most of the time it’s replaceable too.

    And lastly, you and Pennlady are killing me. I swear I need to wait until there are several chapters already published. Let me put it this way… I waited until Harry Potter 7.2 was out before I even watched 7.1 because I knew it would bug me having to wait for the ending. So in short this new story has piqued my interest.

  4. My husband is the book collector. The military moves us so he doesn’t mind. But it drives me crazy. He rereads all the time and that’s great. But I’m trying to move him to a kindle because we have a kid and our weight needs to be used more efficiently. I love holding a book in my hand and for some that’s required but I do love my kindle and my kindle apps. I love being able load a book no matter where I am.

  5. Rhee

    I was recently contemplating buying a new bookshelf because I have out grown the 11 that are already in my house (5 of which are floor to ceiling). I still have my picture books from when I was a kid and the young adult books I got as a teenager. I am a long way from childhood and adolescents but I still can’t seem to part with any of them. I thought before I was holding on to them for when I have children, but since that is not likely to happen, I have to accept I am keeping them for me. There are favorites that I have gone back to over the years (Pride and Prejudice, David Copperfield, Watership Down, Harry Potter, etc.) and I did a lot of rereading when I was younger. Now that I have access to more books, I find I don’t reread so much because I have so many new ones I want to read. I have contemplated a Kindle, even put one in my virtual shopping cart several times, but I still have not bought one. I suppose instead of heading to IKEA for a new bookshelf I should get a Kindle. I do have the Kindle on my laptop (only so I could read Melting the Ice, thanks for moving me up the technology chain) but my eyes go buggy after reading online for a while.

    I have not kept every book I have read, but it does seem like I keep the vast majority of them. At this point, if I was going to get rid of some books, it would be my college text books (the ones I couldn’t sell back) . . . so if you know anyone who wants some outdated psychology text books let me know and I will gladly relinquish them. Luckily the last time I moved my work paid for the move so I did not have to get rid of any books. I dread when I move next because likely I will be downsizing and purging books is not something I look forward to. Good luck as you make those tough decisions.

    Lady Falcon, I will now need to read the Night Play, sounds like my kind of book. I am still working on the Cynster series you suggested . . . I love those alpha men too. I had to buy book 7 twice since my dog ate the book when I was in the middle (I wonder if he would eat a Kindle if I got one). I am also glad to hear the of the next ice story and of course PennLady’s new story. So much to read and so little time.

    • Lady Falcon

      Rhee!!! You are reading the Cynster series?! Lovely! Which book are you on…don’t make me look up the title, just tell me the hero and heroine…lol.
      If you decide to leap to the Kenyon Dark Hunters (it is a 20 book series and counting) then you must start at the beginning. You don’t really have to…her books are stand alone, however, the characters bleed from book to book so it would be better to start at the beginning. Her first book in the series is “Fantasy Lover”. No Weres in it by there are gods and goddesses and its the opening of the series.
      I hope everyone who celebrated it had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am still stuffed and probably won’t eat a sit down meal for at least a week….ugh. 🙂 It was amazing to see my family again….and hug my little brother who is a foot taller than me. Take Care.

      • Rhee

        Hi Lady Falcon. I am currently reading The Ideal Bride which is the story of Michael Anstruther-Wetherby and Caroline Sutcliffe. This series has definitely been very entertaining and somewhat addictive. Wish I could find a single Cynster with a penchant for ample, somewhat nerdy (ok really nerdy), middle aged ladies. That doesn’t seem too much to ask for? I guess I should get my order into Santa soon. The Cynster series goes on and on though. I saw the author has another book in the series coming out. I’m not sure I am ready for 20 book series at the moment, I have a stack of books to read first. But I will put the Dark Hunter series on my list.

      • Lady Falcon

        I completely sympathize. I have a great husband and daddy to our children. And I think he has many qualities the Cynster men have. But there are a few in the books I lust after and half fall in love with every time I re-read one. lol. If it helps…in the time period these stories are written…the Cynster ladies would be considered nearly middle-aged. Most all of them are considered on the shelf by “society”. Or a hopeless “bluestocking” which could be construed as nerdy, don’t you think? 🙂

        Being nerdy is cool these days…psst, I was a trekkie…went to conventions too….even wore a pair of Vulcan ears a time or two. And I was a chaotic neutral Elf with some series magic capability by the time I finally stopped playing D&D. It has to be cool these days….the kids I teach think I’m cool so nerdy must be “in”. lol

        A friend of mine I was discovering the Cynster books with and I used to try to pick out who would play the characters if they ever made the books into movies. 🙂 It would be interesting to hear your take. Did you start with “Devil’s Bride” and read them in order to Michael’s story?

      • Rhee

        Vulcan ears-heehee! I love it. I was the Dungeon Master for my brother and his friends (though I am not sure I knew exactly what I was doing).

        I started with Devil’s Bride and I can’t remember is Michael’s story is #8 or #9. I did buy the first 11 books so I still have a few in my stack to be read. I’m not sure if I will read the books she wrote after the first 11. It has been interesting to see which of the Cynster men have been more appealing. There was one that I just found annoying (the one who was the horse breader–can’t recall his name). Simon and Scandal (Richard) have been 2 of my favorite Cynsters. I haven’t tried to picture who would play the characters in a movie but I have wished the pictures on the books were bigger. Ryan Reynolds might be a good Michael. Ryan Gosling purhaps as one of the lighter haired Cysters. Gerard Bulter maybe as Devil . . . or maybe Hugh Jackman. Channing Tatum would be a nice Scandal (ok he would be a nice anything really, can’t go wrong with him). Of course Mario Lopez might be a good Cynster (or leading man–love his smile!).

  6. Lady Falcon

    Ok, I had a whole long post with names and comments and got distracted when my oldest called….accidentally deleted it. :-((( So, in the interest of not completely hijacking Tamara’s post how about we converse via email?

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