Let Me Tell You A Story…

Let me tell you something. You can decide for yourself if it would make a realistic story or not and that may help me decide where to focus my creative energy in the coming months. 🙂

I’m thinking it’ll start with this woman who is going through a really difficult time in her life. She’s just like anyone else, trying to work, pay the mortgage and other bills, all while struggling with a dying marriage. Deep down, she knows the marriage is over, all that remains is to say the words. Which she does, with great difficulty. Moving forward is hard but every passing day brings her the assurance that she made the right decision. So she continues to work, spend time with her family and friends, and try to navigate the complicated waters of separation and divorce.

Between work and her tense life at home, she finds escape with novels, both reading and writing them. Her lifelong passion has been writing. Ever since she was young, she would make up stories, fantasy worlds, romantic scenarios. As she got older, she began to think she could maybe do something with all these creations. First she needed some anonymous feedback to find out if her work was appealing at all.

Lucky for her, there’s this amazing invention called the internet and it’s riddled with free forums where she could post her work and receive feedback on how she’d done. Over time, she’d made friends and received invaluable advice on how to improve her work. She never stopped writing or submitting her work, no matter how things were going in her personal life.

One day, she gets an interesting and intriguing email from a reader in somewhat far off place. He’s clear and concise, uses full sentences and proper grammar. He tells her a few things about himself and about how he enjoys her work as an escape from the hardships in his life. Unable to stop thinking about the email after, she writes back to him and thanks him for the compliments and asks him a few questions raised by his first email. After that, he writes back to her again, then she replies again, and he sends another email, and so on and so forth.

Before they realize it, they’ve been corresponding for over a month, telling each other everything from who they’ve slept with, what they think about various sports and teams, and the likelihood that they’d never meet. That doesn’t stop them from continuing to write emails and even to move on to chatting via a messenger site. Right from the start of those real-time chats, they discover they can talk for hours about everything and nothing. He even asks for advice on the woman he’s been seeing, and she tries to give him some tips even though she feels so out of touch with the dating scene.

It takes them about a week to figure out that if they can talk until 2:30 in the morning via web-chat, they can probably handle real phone conversations. So he calls her one day just as she’s finishing work. And what do you know? They talk for hours on the phone. From that day on, they talk on the phone every day. Sometimes in the morning, sometimes at midday while she’s on her lunch break and always, always, they talk before going to bed.

Somewhere in the middle of all this emailing, chatting and talking on the phone, they start to flirt. Mild flirting turns into full blown you-turn-me-on-like-no-one-else. And… Well.  You know what follows then. It’s surprising to both of them how easy the cyber and phone sex comes to them but then, considering the honest and open nature of all their on-line chatting, maybe it isn’t such a surprise.

Then she knows she has to tell him all about her recent past and the fact that she was still – technically – married. She does, afraid the entire time that she might never hear from him again. He stuns her by saying he couldn’t stop talking to her if he tried. They’re in agreement on that, that they just can’t get enough of each other, whether it’s long conversations filled with laughter and moans, or simpler, comfortable silences.

Inevitably, their talks turn to the possibility of meeting each other in person. It’s always been on their minds but as they grow closer, they realize they need to meet and see what’s really between them.

So? What do you think? Intriguing enough to want to know more? Or should I just go with my next romantic-ice hockey themed story, like always? 😀

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and I’m off to watch the Grey Cup. Go Bombers!!

Take care and happy reading.



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17 responses to “Let Me Tell You A Story…

  1. Um, um… I’m torn… who to root for in the Grey Cup… friends on both sides. Ack!

  2. keltrustsnoone

    definitely intriguing enough to want to know more!

  3. Lady Falcon

    absolutely worth exploring the idea…but, I’m torn because I love the hockey stories…if Eve will agree to be my supplier or enabler for a time….giggling…I guess I can go for reading something else…..if I must….really….read….something other than….gasp….hockey romance. lol

    I really hope that came across as I was hearing in my mind. It was supposed to be funny and a little bit sarcastic…but in a good way. lol

  4. worldhistorybuff

    Do we really have to choose? Can’t you do both, you talented thing you? Please don’t make me choose!

  5. Not torn whatsoever…if at all it gets you to write, then any story is a good one indeed. Happy Writing to you 😉

  6. Tom Stovall

    You know that with a blog like that you have turned all us unatached males out here world upside down with hope, although at 73 I will try to tone it down. Your writing style would lend itself to that story. But I hate to encourage you on it since I like your ice stories so much. I even broke down a just ordered a Kindle to have access to more of your and Eve Mc.’s stories. Now if I can only learn to use it

  7. blue

    whatever kind of romance story it is, i love it….but the premise is really good…i can relate to it A LOT lol….hope fully, i have a happy ending myself 🙂

  8. Rhee

    If you make the man online a hocky player than we have the best of both worlds :0) Sounds like a good plot even sans hocky player.

    • Lady Falcon

      ding ding ding

      but be careful if you do….we had an online hockey romance that was IMHO untoppable but I could easily be wrong and would thoroughly enjoy being proved wrong. lol Maybe he could be a hockey coach…of kids….would make him rather endearing and could be some seriously funny scenes if the kids got wind of the budding romance. Kids are fantastic and SO honest; insightful.

  9. Hannah

    I love it and definitely want to read more!!

    Although I’d love another hockey story too!!

  10. Heaven's Knight

    I think the idea of the story is intriguing enough to complete it.

    And for the hockey stories, I can only say that some times a little change is good.

  11. mac2

    I vote for another hockey story 🙂

  12. Mounds

    The only thing that would make this story more exciting would be if it included – nay, highlighted – the protagonist’s best friend, a funny, charming, loyal…oh! Did I mention stunning woman?

    Otherwise, a hockey story.


    You’re writing a fabulous story, friend.

  13. Both! I’ll take either honestly. I love your style.

  14. Nicole

    This story sounds intriguing! I love the hockey stories, but it’s a good idea to change things up every once in awhile.

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