Dear Anonymous

I’d like to address an epidemic in the free-forum-writing-feedback world. We’ve all, as writers or bloggers, come across this issue before and I’m always surprised at the recurrence. You know what I’m referring to: the anonymous poster.

I don’t mean the anonymous troll, either. That’s a problem but often, I find them more amusing than anything. I don’t mind if you don’t like my work. I am perfectly well aware of the fact that my writing is not for everyone and that not even all my regular fans or readers will like absolutely everything I write. That’s life. I can take the rejection. I don’t enjoy seeing hurtful or biting comments. I don’t get those so much anymore but I do see them on other stories and I just don’t understand why. So you don’t like the story? Click on something else and move on. Is it really necessary to write a scathing comment, insulting the writer’s intelligence? Hardly. But like I said, I’ve had some fun anonymous troll comments. Here’s my favourite:

“Oh gosh, I almost…peed myself when I read this story. Such crap! Do you have no shame? I will ask Santa to leave a turd in your stocking, and maybe ask him to wipe his ass on your tablecloth before he leaves for the next stop. Have a Merry Christmas.”

Eloquent, yes? And I did have a Merry Christmas, thank you!

Anyway, back to my point; the average anonymous poster. I understand why there are so many. On a site like Literotica, you can’t blame people for wanting to remain anonymous. Although, depending on how you create your profile, you could remain anonymous even with a user name. Other websites allow you to post anonymous comments, or give you the opportunity to create fun one-time user names. WordPress is like that, isn’t that right, Blue and Mounds? 😉

On a lot of websites and forums, you have to have a user name or account of some kind, which doesn’t allow any anonymous commenters. I think that’s a bad idea as well though. Sure, it forces the would-be trolls to identify themselves before they rip into someone’s work, but they’re still able to with a little extra effort. On the other hand, it might also prevent someone with real constructive criticism from making a valid observation or comment. Also, an author or blogger thrives on the feedback received on these forums. If a reader has to go through the trouble of setting up a user account just to leave a single comment, they might be less inclined to do so.

All of this, I’m sure you know. I bet many of you are readers and posters on a lot of these different kinds of sites. To be honest, none of what I’ve described frustrates me that much. I love feedback from anyone and everyone and if not for anonymous posters, I’d be missing out on a lot. My problem with anonymous commenters is that so many of them ask questions and don’t leave me the means to answer them!

So today, I’ve decided to answer a few questions from Mr. or Ms. A. Nonymous. These are just some of the most recent questions I’ve received, with no way of answering. Hopefully, some of these commenters read my blog or check in on my facebook page, and now, your questions will be answered! Maybe some of my regular readers and commenters will even learn something new. 🙂

Here we go: (As a side note, I’ve just copied and pasted these exactly as I received them – I thought it might help the commenters who write them to recognize their original question. Any spelling or grammatical errors are not mine. Well, except for the parts I write. 🙂 )

Question: You’re stories are hands down the best I’ve ever read on the web. I see you’ve written an Russian fic for Alex… Just as a fan request… if it would ever be possible, to write one about another Russian? 🙂 IK. Number 17 from the Devils… .ahhhhhh… 🙂

Answer: I receive this sort of request often. Not just for this particular player, but for anyone. Sometimes repeatedly. 🙂 A while back, I received numerous requests for a certain Rangers goalie… and I wrote “Melting the Ice.” A friend kept hounding me for a Red Wings story, while someone wanted a single mom’s tale. Out came “A Feel for the Ice.” Most of the time though, I just go with what feels right. I might start with a player, but lately, I’ve been going more with completely fictional creations. I do read every request but like anything, it’s always about finding time and coming up with a good story. If what I write happens to cover one of your requests, great! If not, don’t think I’m ignoring you, I just haven’t come up with something good enough yet to do him justice.

Question: Awesome set of stories! Maybe a coach or trainer story next?

Answer: Good ideas, and maybe I will get to a non-player story but remain within the “Ice” universe one day. At the moment, I just write what I can and it’s not always an “Ice” story, let alone a new twist on one. Don’t stop checking back here though, you never know what I might produce!

Question: You are by far my favourite author on here! I know that you have already done a Mike Richards story but he’s my favourite! Can you consider your next one as him again? Doesn’t have to be as Matt Robinson.

Answer: Thank you so much for that and I’m glad you enjoyed that story (“Tip of the Iceberg”, now only available in the anthology “Melting the Ice.”) That’s great that he’s your favourite player. However, I’m not likely to write more stories about the same players that I’ve already covered. Mostly, because I don’t know if I could do a different story for the same guy without repeating myself at all. I know, I know… I repeat myself anyway even with stories about different hockey players, but see?! That’s my challenge! Anyway, there are far too many good and interesting players yet to be mentioned that I don’t think revisiting a previous one would be as much fun.

Question: You deleted Uncovering the Ice =( Is there any chance of it going back up? Xxx

Answer: No, it won’t be going back up on the Literotica website. It’s now only available in the anthology, “Melting the Ice.” You can purchase it through the publisher’s website, Republica Press. P.S. Not sure what you meant with the “Xxx” but… Thank you? 😉

Question: Hello Mugsy! 

I just wanted to say I love, love, love your writing. Uncovering the Ice was the first I’ve ever read and it’s been a favourite since then. As much as I love your and Pennlady’s other stories, I was wondering if you would possibly considering selling Uncovering the Ice by itself because I want to reread it. Thanks so much for posting your writing and taking the time to read this!

-A fan

Answer: Thank you so much for the compliment, first of all. At this time, that story is only available in the anthology. At some future date, I might consider releasing it on its own, or expanding it but for now, it’s part of a pretty awesome collection of short stories, if I do say so myself. And I’m sure Eve/PennLady would agree. 😉

Question: (This comment was from back when I originally had “Uncovering the Ice” posted on Literotica.)

First of all, I love your work 🙂 But I also wanted to let you know that on the first page pf Uncovering the Ice Ch. 06, you wrote -“Vanessa laughed to hide her confusion. “Every night you skate around on narrow blades that can severe arteries“- and severe should be “sever“.

Just wanted to let you know, and thanks for all the great stories!

Answer: Thank you for spotting that and pointing it out. Yes, even with editors and extensive rereads, mistakes still worm their way through the cracks. There is a way to edit and revise work that is already posted to Literotica but – and this is my own problem – I don’t have the time or patience to correct a lot of stuff that I’ve posted. I know I miss a lot of little things, and some big things. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows how much I enjoy revision (as in… not at all) and understands that I’m not going to correct every mistake on the free stories I post. It’s not because I don’t care or want to do a good job. It’s just that I struggle to find time to write new work, never mind address the old, previously enjoyed ones. In any case, this story was edited and revised to remove this error for publication. Thanks again!

Question: I am absolutely in love with your stories. Please post more. or let us know if you’re writing. You’re awesome!

Answer: Thank you! And I promise, I’m trying hard to get something completed and posted. Believe me, I want the feedback as much as you want to read something – maybe more. 🙂 Stay tuned for updates, you never know when something new will be posted.

Question: When are you going to publish something new? Waiting and waiting..

Answer: I am actually getting a bunch of editing/revisions done on “Double Vision,” the third in the TAITS series that I’m hoping will be published next. As I mentioned above, y’all know how much I love editing so you know how much of an accomplishment this is for me! Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted!

Question: Hi, are you ever going to continue your spy series or at least repost it? I loved it!

Answer: I sort of just answered this. Yes, I’m going to continue the spy series (TAITS) with the third and fourth books soon (I hope!) and I do have ideas for the next three books after that at least. I’ve even started one. If you check back on my old blog post, “Choosing What to Write” there’s a special sneak preview of that. I couldn’t give you any idea of a date for new releases though, and because I’m hoping to continue publishing them, they won’t be reposted to Literotica any longer. I hope you like them enough to purchase them when the time comes though.

Question: Gorgeously written.

I wanted to have sex with Zane. 😉

Answer: Uh. All right then. Thank you?

I think that about covers the majority of questions I receive. Even if your exact question wasn’t included here, maybe you wanted to know some of these same things. If you have a question that I haven’t answered, by all means, leave a comment here or send me a message on facebook, or through Literotica. I always do my best to reply, IF you leave me a return email address. 😀

And now, I have to get to work. I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday and don’t anybody get too crazy with their Super Bowl parties tonight!

Take care and happy reading.



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8 responses to “Dear Anonymous

  1. I enjoyed today’s post very much. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy writing? Join us today

    Writers Wanted

  2. I am sorry if I have caused a hardship by being listed as anonymous. I have not left you any requests or scathing comments. I enjoy reading your stories and don’t have the talent to write myself, therefore I never found it neccessary to fill out a profile that i would leave blank anyways. I will leave you my e-mail and if you wish I will remove my address from your mailing list. If I don’t like someones stories i move on. If i can’t vote a 3 or higher I don’t vote, if I can’t leave an encouraging comment I don’t leave one. Please let me know if you want me to remove my name from your mailing list. Anonymous

    • chessrcat

      I don’t think she meant that all anonymous readers are what are causing some issues. I think she (& please correct me if I am wrong) was simply trying to vent about certain situations that arise such as the disrespectful comments and the ppl who want answers yet dont leave a way to contact them. I have been reading the stories for a while and I choose to vote but not comment. I love your stories and have the ebooks.

      • Indeed, I never meant to dump on anonymous readers in general. I wouldn’t have near the readership I do if not for the anonymous ones. And I don’t mind the anonymous comments at all! By all means, leave a comment, don’t leave one, leave your name, don’t leave a name… either way, it’s fine. I only meant to address some unanswered questions that I’d received over the past few years. I get so many comments and emails from readers asking me a specific question and I would answer, if I had somewhere to send the response. Here, I decided to address all those unresponded-to emails. 🙂
        Thank you for reading, and commenting or not. I appreciate the effort you put into reading, I do. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  3. Ruth

    Hi Tamara,

    I agree with you about people leaving nasty comments weather anonymous or not. I don’t why they bother, I think critism is fine personal attack is not. I have left you and other writers anonymous comments either cause I was too lazy to fill in s profile or because I didn’t need a reply so didn’t want you to feel you had to reply to a compliment. I think at some point I must have left you my email as I get round robin emails from you occasionally.
    Since you are answering questions I have a few.
    1) Is there special meaning to your MugsyB name?
    2) The best part of the stories for me is the /flirting between male and female lead. Does it take you long to come up with it or does it flow naturally? Are you a good flirt in real life?;-)
    3) Please write more soon! I have a lot of time sitting feeding my new baby and need reading material. Would love to see a new compilation book to buy soon. I read the last one but when I came to re-read my computer had eaten it 😦

    Thanks, Ruth

    • Personal criticisms are so pointless. But like I said in my post, they can also be fun. Honestly, when was the last time you saw a personal attack like that one??? And it was even correct spelling and grammar! LOL.
      Here are your answers, since you asked so nicely: 😉
      1.) Mugsy is a nickname I’ve had since birth. B, is my last initial. Now you can figure out who I am. 😛
      2.) Flirting does NOT come naturally to me. At least, I don’t think it does. I’m more of a jump in with both feet kind of person. I don’t waste time with flirting. I guess when I write it, I have to think about whether it’s flirty or teasing as I go along – or maybe they go hand-in-hand more than I thought.
      3.) I’m so sorry the compilation was eaten by your computer! Greedy things!! Send me your email and maybe I can help somehow. 😉 As for more writing… well, you can read my latest post for news on that front.
      Thanks again, as always, for reading my work. As I mentioned in my comment above, feel free to comment or not, leave your info or not, as you choose. Just having you reading and enjoying is good enough for me.
      Take care with the new baby!! Congrats all around!

  4. Eve

    I’ve only recently found your “Ice” stories, and I must say… BRAVO!!! They are fantastic. Hockey is my all time favorite sport, much to the chagrin of my friends and family (they find it odd when you consider we don’t have a professional team where I live).
    Back to my reason for commenting… It’s my understanding that there are other “Ice” stories that have been posted, but are no longer on literotica. I’m just wondering what happened to them. Example, upon starting “Breaking Through The Ice”, you mentioned it was a follow up to “Numbers Game”. I searched for that story, never found it, and assumed it’s no longer there. I guess I’m wondering if these stories have been posted elsewhere (perhaps on your blog), where I can find them, and if there’s any way of reading them.
    Either way, I’m a huge fan (Jaime’s story was my favorite, by the way). And I’ll remain a fan, as long as you continue with the “Ice” stories.

    • Hi Eve. Thank you for taking the time to read my stories. I’m so happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed them.
      As for the story called “Number’s Game,” it wasn’t actually one of mine. It was written by my good friend, PennLady, AKA Eve McFadden. She did have it posted on Lit at one time but removed it for publishing. It hasn’t been released yet but if you contact her, she might be able to let you know when you can expect it. Here’s her blog:
      Aside from that, I did have a couple of other Ice stories removed from Lit because they were published in an anthology with Eve McFadden. However, that publisher has since closed down and at the moment, our stories from that compilation are in limbo. :-\ You can subscribe to my blog, and/or Eve’s, to be kept up to date on any news with regards to publications or new story postings on Lit.
      Thanks again for your interest!
      Take care,

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