Checking In

Here it is, another sunny weekend. Another round of the NHL playoffs is going on. Was anyone surprised or elated over the results of the first round? Man, that was an exciting opening round to the Second Season, I must say. I didn’t know who I was cheering for at first, except that I knew I didn’t want Boston or Detroit to make it past the first round. And they didn’t! Haha! I am now firmly in the Nashville Predators camp, and I would be so excited to see them make it to the Conference Finals. For a number of reasons… A few too many to go into here. 🙂

I missed writing last week, as you may have noticed. Or maybe not. 😉 I’ve started working at my part-time summer job again. I know last year I’d said it was too much for me but circumstances this year have made it a necessity. Once again, writing may take a back seat, if only temporarily.

In another month, maybe less, the playoffs will be over. I’m already sad again for the loss of hockey. I suppose I’ll have the NHL Network and some old game replays to keep me going. Or I could always go with my old stand-by… The Olympic hockey tournament that I have on DVD. Ha!

I am still hard at work on a number of projects, not the least of which is finishing up editing “Double Vision,” the third in my TAITS series. I’ve also started another Maggie and Christian tale, and there may be one more of their story in me after that. I’m also still struggling with the next in the “Ice” series, though I may start another one of those if only to spark something. So you see, even though you get none of the benefits just yet, I am still writing. I’m hoping one day soon, things will even out and I can get back to a real routine of writing, like I did before. I missed being able to post the hockey romances as often as I did, or to write a full TAITS story.

I have not much else to report except that today is a beautiful sunny day and I’m considering going outside to sit in the sunshine. I might go sit by the fire – there’s a fire-pit in the backyard. I won’t just go lighting a tree on fire or anything, so don’t worry! – and enjoy the warmth while reading my latest book, Morgan Llywelyn’s “1921”. I have mentioned her before as one of my favorite authors I believe, and this latest one I’m reading is not disappointing. I wish I didn’t have to work sometimes so I could just read! I’ve always said it’s my second greatest passion. Well, maybe third. 😉 Wouldn’t you like to know what the first is? Too bad! That’s a tale for another weekend.

I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and finding time to relax, like I am. As always, take care and happy reading!


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