Another Sneak Preview

So, here I am, another Sunday –  a Sunday off, finally – there’s no more hockey, and no CFL just yet and I once again find myself at a loss. Well, not too lost. I feel well rested for a change and I have a completed story to post at Literotica. 🙂 It’s another week when I feel I don’t really have a good topic to discuss here, so I’m going to go with the old stand-by of a sneak preview. I’m sure you’re not too terribly disappointed by that. 😉

It’s another short story inspired by yet another favorite Keith Urban song, featuring Christian and Maggie. This time, I’ve gone back to the beginning. It’s the story of how they met. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m thinking there might be one more song-story for these two and then I’ll move on to something else. That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed writing these short, sweet stories for them. They’re very important to me, for many reasons, not the least of which being that at least they’ve allowed me to keep writing when I would otherwise have not been working at all, on anything. I’ve been working on other stuff in between days of Christian and Maggie, but working on anything helps. It makes me feel productive and like I’m still moving forward with my writing. I’m still busy with my two jobs – this is my first day off in twenty – so writing time is still going to be scarce but I feel like when I do sit down to write now, it’s not aimless or unproductive. If that makes any sense at all. 🙂

Anyway, I won’t keep you this week. I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend and not working as much as I am. Here’s your sneak preview of “My Heart is Open” and you can look for it on-line hopefully by Thursday this week.

Take care and happy reading.


I glanced at my watch. “Oh wow, it’s past two. I can’t believe we’ve been here so long.”

“That’s surprising. It feels like we just sat down.”

I nodded in agreement and looked around. There were a few other diners but the noise in the restaurant was muted, in the midst of the mid-afternoon lull. I didn’t know what else to say, except that I didn’t want to go.

“Do you have any other plans today?” Christian asked.

I brought my eyes back to his face. “No. Not really. Why?”

He shrugged, still giving me that smile that I was finding sexier with each passing moment. “I thought maybe we could do something else. Maybe hit a new book store or something.”

I laughed and shook my head. “I don’t think you can handle any more romance.”

“I think maybe I can.”

He held my gaze until I felt liquid heat stir low in my belly. I swallowed and nodded. “All right. Let’s get out of here.”

He paid the bill and we walked out of the restaurant together.

We decided on going to a nearby museum, though both of us knew it would just be another place for us to talk to our heart’s content. And we did. We talked about everything and anything that came to mind. He mentioned his ex-fiance again and I listened this time, instead of telling him he didn’t have to talk about it. He was a grown man, he could talk about his past to me if he wanted to.

I started to tell him a bit about my dating history as well. I told him how I’d gone through a bad break-up a few months back and was still dealing with the sale of the house we’d purchased together. We talked about high school, our past jobs and what movies we liked to watch. We talked about the autumn heat, and traveling and the fancy cars we’d love to own. We laughed, touched a few times and every time I caught the scent of his cologne, my toes curled.

Before I knew it, he was asking what I wanted to do for dinner and we set out for Wings, a local sports bar that would be showing the hockey game we wanted to watch. At the bar, we did more of the same; talked, laughed, and I got to know him better than I knew some of my long-term friends.

At around ten that night, we agreed that it had been a long enough day for both of us.

I stifled a yawn, the first moment I’d felt tired all evening. “I have to work at eight tomorrow morning.”

“Yeah? Do you have any plans tomorrow night?”

I shook my head.

“Can I call you?”

I smiled. There was a strange feeling welling up inside me. Not just excitement or attraction, though I knew I was very attracted to this man. It felt like this was something new, something big. That something had happened to me today, all because I’d decided to recommend a novel to him.

“I hope you do call me, Christian.”

His smile widened and he nodded. We walked out of Wings and across the parking lot to where we’d parked next to each other. All day, we’d driven our own vehicles around, neither of us wanting to leave the other without their car. We paused in between his Trooper and my Mazda, and we looked at each other.

“I had a really great time today, Maggie.”

“Me too. I hope you like the book.”

“I’m sure I will. We seem to have the same taste in movies and books.”

Yet another thing we’d learned about each other today. “That’s true.”

We stared a bit longer, the air between charged with something I couldn’t name. Then he stepped forward and brushed my hair back over my shoulder. I glanced down at his hands and sucked in a surprised breath when he cupped my face in them.

“You have no idea how badly I want to kiss you right now.” His voice was low and the tenor of it sent a frisson of sensation up my spine.

“Do you?” I sounded as breathless as I felt. I didn’t care.


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    Whew. Come on Thursday.

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