The Dating Game

It’s been a rather rainy and overcast weekend here, and were it not for the fact that I have had to work both days – outside – I would have enjoyed the coziness of staying in and reading a book or watching a favorite movie. It made me recall the fun, short romance story, “Raining on Sunday”, I’d posted in January. While I’ve never had the pleasure of lounging all day in bed with a loved one, while it poured rain outside, I know I’d be content to do that one day, should the opportunity ever present itself.

It got me to thinking about all the things people do to have a good time with their significant other. Maybe I enjoy the thought of “Raining on Sunday” coming true for me but someone else might read that and roll their eyes, thinking, borrrring. Other people might prefer to actually go out, maybe hit a mall or go see a matinee. Some people might prefer to at least use that Sunday off to do housework, with or without their SO. 🙂 Hey, it’s a stretch, I know, but it could happen. For my part, it has more to do with who I am spending the Sunday with, rather than what we are doing. The right person can make any task or activity the most fun you’ve ever had, with or without your clothes on. 😉

I started thinking back on my stories and the activities – outside the bedroom – I’ve had my lead characters take part in. For the most part, they’re pretty mundane and mainstream. A movie, dinner, hockey game (duh!) and a few other low-key activities. As I mentioned above, these are all things I’d love to do with my guy and I’d have fun because we just always have fun together. It made me wonder though, do my character’s dates seem a little boring to you? Or is your preference to do the same things?

I’ve also been out of the dating scene for some time now. I couldn’t even guess at what would pass for a decent first, second, third, etc, date now. Roller skating? Did that for the last time a few years back, though not on a date. Hockey game? Also did that a short while back but I attended with a girlfriend, not my man. The things I have done with my SO are dinner, movie, reading together on the porch. 🙂

I suppose I could write a man and woman who are a little more daring in their pursuits. Then again, I did have Jamie Forsyth teaching Grace Brown to skate on Christmas Day. That can be dangerous. Do you remember how nerve-wracking it was to learn how to skate? Anyway, something more daring than that… sky-diving, base jumping, rock climbing… (OK, how boring am I? It just took me about five minutes to even come up with that selection!) But who does those things on a date? You might enjoy those things but the person you’ve asked out could be a scaredy-cat, just like me.

What else is there? Maybe sports? I golf. I could do that with my guy. Softball. I do that on occasion too. I know how to ride a bike from point A to point B. 🙂 I enjoy walking, hiking in the mountains – though I haven’t even done that for some time. Too busy. 😦 So I might like these sports or activities but if some guy who is not into any of these things were to ask me out (well, I’d say no because I’m not single. :)) the last thing he’s going to want to do is drag his ass out to a batting cage or driving range to embarrass himself in front of a girl.

I do wonder if I’m not giving my characters realistic enough dating scenarios. Granted, it’s difficult for the leading men in my “Ice” series to even find time to date, never mind come up with something new and original every time. And in the TAITS universe… well, they don’t date so much as blow things up and then kiss the nearest person in a fit of passion. 🙂

Maybe I am being as realistic as I can be in the stories that require it. Maybe the dates aren’t as exciting as jumping out of an airplane, but when you’re getting to know someone you’re wildly attracted to, a dinner or sitting next to that person in a darkened theater can be very exciting. Don’t you agree?

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening/morning.

Take care and happy reading.



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3 responses to “The Dating Game

  1. Mounds

    Hey, my man and I have been married for almost ten years now, and we still are “getting to know one another”…especially in darkened movie theatres. 😉

    Dates really can be simple. It’s just making the most of the time you have together, and everyone defines “most” differently. 8)

  2. I think the thing is that movies, dinner, etc. — the low key things — are what most people do to get to know each other. If you go to dinner after a movie, it gives you something to talk about. 😉 A lot of socializing gets done over food, whether we realize it or not. But you could change things up by sending people on a hike, to a concert, on a picnic — there’s other low key things. Although I admit I have a hard time thinking of them myself sometimes.

  3. Lady Falcon

    It has been ages since I “dated” anyone. Even then the dates were usually group outings to the movies and dinner then if things were going well the ride home was the private conversation time otherwise I caught a ride with one of my friends instead.

    My husband and I spend time together by riding our motorcycles but we are each on our own bike and talking to each other through the mic system on our helmets. Motorcycle rides with a guy would be a great time to get to know him as long as you aren’t afraid of being on the bike. I know when I used to ride on the back of my hubby’s he would get such a kick out of going around a curve and my arms would tighten around him and I’d be doing that nervous giggle-omg comment. Our 2nd honeymoon to the mountains last year was particularly fun on all those curves. I’m not talking about racing around on a bike at 80+ mph either…no way to communicate even with a mic system then.

    I think having the couple meet at a an event or occasion that they both enjoyed would give them a starting point. If they met at the bowling alley then they probably both like bowling at that gets them started. They could meet at the batting cages or going around the race track at the fun park. I melt when a guy who is wanting to date a single mom plans activities and dates with the child in mind. You has a story with a Hayden in it that had its melting points with the chic’s child…the conversations on the phone were spectacular.

    I guess what I’m saying is the dates and conversation flow from a common point between the two…taste in movies or music or books or some activity they both want or have to do.

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