Unexciting News

I’d started writing a different blog entry just a little while ago. However, I realized what I was writing about was something I’d already written about before. Maybe a couple of times. Hey, it’s bound to happen, right? You write a blog for over a year, you’re bound to touch on a subject more than once. I think I’ve done all right with taking each week’s entry in a new direction, even if I do touch on something I’ve already discussed. However, I’m finding it difficult this week to come up with something completely original.

I could discuss sports, as there seems to be a lot going on this weekend. Or not a lot, depending on what sports you follow. Baseball is still going on, though I could care less about that. American football has started, which is exciting. I’ve always been a football fan. The CFL season is about half-way done now and this November will see the 100th playing of the Grey Cup Championship. That’ll be exciting, even if it is being played in Toronto, where all they bloody well care about is the Maple Leafs.

Then of course, there’s all the NHL-NHLPA discussions going on. I’m afraid there probably won’t be an NHL season this year. In my opinion, that might just be the beginning of the end for several NHL teams in the US, if that’s the case. It’s hard enough getting people to care about hockey in Phoenix, Miami or Tampa. Or even Columbus, where last season saw the record low for game attendance one night. I suppose I understand that both sides want more money. At the same time, how much more do you want to do something you supposedly love, something you supposedly can’t live without? Hmm. Seems to me that it is just about the money and saying you can’t not play a whole season is a load of crap. Otherwise, you’d accept the deal from the NHL and play the damn game. Of course, I don’t know all the details and legalities so what can I say. It’s also sad that no one is worried about the minimum-wage workers at every arena and sporting goods shop. The employees who will be missing out on all those shifts this year because the millionaires and billionaires can’t decide who ‘deserves’ more money.

Moving on…

I could talk about movies or books but I haven’t seen or read anything terribly interesting lately. Wait, that’s a lie. I already told you about the latest Linda Holeman book I’d read and I still recommend her novels to you. Also, I just finished “The Poet Prince” by Kathleen McGowan, the third in her series “The Magdalene Line.” I’ve quite enjoyed that series and the last one was a real page-turner, more so than the first two. They follow the life and discoveries of a woman named Maureen who researches a centuries old tale of the life and marriage – yes, marriage – of Jesus Christ. I’m always fascinated by fictional accounts of Christian history. I’m not terribly religious myself but I can appreciate the belief structures and history behind those beliefs. So I love to read novels like these, or Dan Brown’s and other similar tales.

As for movies, I also recently went to the theatre to see “The Bourne Legacy.” That movie blew me away. I enjoyed the original three Bourne movies but by the third I was getting tired of the memory-loss angle. This one was new, different and just as action-packed. I enjoyed it very much and I’m looking forward to more Bourne movies with this new angle.

Let’s see, what else is going on. Oh, I’m very close to finishing a new story. It’ll be four Lit chapters when it’s all said and done. I’ll warn you now, though I’ll put a disclaimer on the story when I post it as well, it’s in a new genre, it’s a completely different story and subject that I’ve never done, and I guarantee some of you will not read it. 😉 It’ll be outside of a lot of people’s comfort zones. I won’t be offended if you don’t read it but it’s been a wonderfully refreshing change to write something so totally different. I started it as a response to a challenge from my SO. First of all, he is my biggest fan and, I’m not kidding, he remembers more about my stories than I do and quotes them to me often. 🙂 But he did say one night when we were talking that he’d love to see if I could write something like this new story. So far, he loves it. Or maybe he just loves the free previews. 😉 Either way, it’ll be interesting to find out everyone else’s view on it.

All right, now I really have nothing else to report. Oh wait. I’m done working two jobs for the summer, back down to just one, which should leave me more time for writing and getting my stuff back on Amazon Kindle. I’ll be going on vacation early in October and I have a lengthy layover in one airport. Does anyone want to meet me for a coffee to pass the time? LOL

And now, I’m really done for this week. I want to get back to writing and see what I can get accomplished for the rest of the long weekend. I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and the last long weekend of summer.

Take care and happy reading.



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3 responses to “Unexciting News

  1. Amy

    If you are coming through Arizona i’ll try to meet you! 🙂 love your stories and i’m a fellow canadian 🙂

  2. Lady Falcon

    The sports salary negotiations that threaten into a strike always really disappoint me. I think I understand the player’s position and for the most part the system was set up way before they were born so it’s hard to blame them for participating because change is hard and being the first to change is even harder. The owners are just being business men. It’s in their nature to get the best deal they can and for it to always be favorable to themselves. But, its hard not to think of where are priorities have shifted. There is a whole list of careers we as a society depend on that are barely above the poverty level. But that is enough serious and depressing stuff.

    I am seriously looking forward to The Bourne Legacy. I loved the others. The most recent movie I saw was The Odd Life of Timothy Green. It was a very good movie and a bit sad but happy at the same time.

    I am looking forward to seeing what this new category and story is all about. There aren’t many I haven’t read from and found at least one really good story even if the subject manner was a bit disturbing. That is part of being a reader; engaging the emotions and the imagination; if a writer can do that then she or he has done a worthy thing.

    I’ve told you before, I’d meet you or at least give it a serious try. So, if you are headed to South Carolina for a lay-over send me an email. I’m not a fan of coffee but I’ll drink a Mt. Dew. 🙂

  3. YaY

    On a not-so-related note, have you read the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan? Its a children’s book. But its really awesome.

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