Any News is Good News.

So I’ve finished another story and I’m back on the editing track. I just can’t escape it, it seems. 🙂 Why can’t I just wave a magic wand and – POOF! It’s done and ready for posting. Alas, real life isn’t like Harry Potter. And because it’s not, most of my time is being spent now editing my recently completed work. I’m trying to focus my energy on that, then I can post it. Though I am still on the fence about posting this one. It’s in a genre no one would ever have expected me to write and I’m honestly not sure how well it’s turned out. I’ll decide in the next couple of weeks, and you may or may not see it on my Lit page.

In other news, I’m still working on completing the last Christian and Maggie story, and eventually I’ll get back to editing and revising the third in my TAITS series. I’m also toying with a non-human story I started a little while ago and I have a new Ice story that I’ll get back to one day. 🙂 I’ve barely started that one so we’ll see how well I progress with any of my work over the next few weeks. I am going on a holiday starting next weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll post anything but I won’t be without internet so I may be able to update with something next week. Maybe about the joys of traveling and lengthy layovers. 🙂

Nothing much else to report. I really just want to get back to writing or editing something while I have the energy. I may pause to get something to eat or make a pot of tea. The air outside is crisp and I have my window open to enjoy the last of the fall air before it snows later this week. Yeah! I said it.

All right, until next time, take care and happy reading.


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  1. Lady Falcon

    Snow?! giggling…wow…It’s only just beginning October. It’s these little reminders that make me happy I’m a bit further South then you. 🙂

    As to whether or not you will post this mysterious and unexpected category story or not…post it. I’ve liked everything I’ve read of yours and I’m dearly curious about what “we” wouldn’t expect you to write in. If nothing else just let me put it out there – I will always volunteer to be a Beta reader if you want a different take than your normal “go to” people.

    I hope your trip goes well and enjoy the warm weather. We are still in the high 80s at least we were last week. Take Care and be safe.

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