In Which I Defend My Work

OK, you know I usually am not bothered by random comments on my stories. I’ve commented in the past that I often find them amusing and sometimes frustrating, if only because I have no way to respond to anonymous questions and such. Today, I’m going to vent a little bit because a recent comment has kind of irritated me. I’m not mad, and goodness knows I’ve had more negative comments. However, this time, someone is all but accusing me of plagiarizing and plagiarizing something I don’t even like!!

Ahem. Here’s the comment, left sometime yesterday on my most recent, and last, story written of Christian and Maggie. (If you enjoyed any of those stories, be sure to check out the last one!)

“Um…Sweet little story, but does this remind anyone of a certain very popular erotica book called, oh i dunno, Fifty Shades Of Grey?!? With the playful threat to punish, Christian, not liking his hair being touched…..”

First of all, this story and the other Christian and Maggie stories, in no way, shape or form resemble the twisted and immature relationship between Christian Grey and his woman. Second of all, this comment mentions one or two small similarities that are just a freakish coincidence between my story and that other unpolished piece of work. And finally – and this is a big confession on my part 😉 – these stories have been very loosely based on my relationship with my real Christian. So again, any similarities that this ANONYMOUS commenter managed to find in my stories are nothing more than coincidence.

Since these stories have all been based on – and sometimes quoted from – my real life relationship, I will tell you that our relationship does not resemble the one written about in Fifty Shades of Grey. I am not a younger inexperienced lip-biter with borderline multiple-personality disorder (Did you read it? Did you also want to commit murder every time the inner goddess was mentioned??) My guy is not an emotionally stunted, controlling dom with mommy issues. He doesn’t control my life the way Christian Grey controls Ana’s, I don’t bite my lip and I always speak up for myself if something rubs me the wrong way. Hence, today’s post. 🙂

No. My man and I are in a good, loving relationship. We are equals and treat each other as such. We’ve been hurt in the past, sure, but we are respectful of each other and we sure do know how to have fun. We are best friends and lovers and the stories I’ve written of Christian and Maggie are but tiny snapshots of moments in our time together. Also, I will repeat, that they are very loosely based on us and our relationship. Some words and personal preferences are real but I’ll let you try and guess what is or isn’t real. 😉

I am seriously at a loss as to how this person saw any resemblance whatsoever. I’m offended because I didn’t like the “certain very popular erotica book” and quite frankly, while these stories aren’t my best work, I think my work overall is better than that novel. So there. Yes. I said it. I was egotistical for a moment and I think I’m better. No, I am not a published author selling bajillions of copies and working out a movie deal, but I put a great deal of effort into everything I write and I know my work has many flaws. That being said, I am passionate about my writing and I love the stories I post on-line for free or the ones I had published. So I take offense when someone compares my work to something I feel is not as good as mine.

Like I wrote above, I rarely am upset by comments and emails from others with regards to my stories. Hey, you have to have a pretty thick skin in this business and I do. This isn’t even close to being the worst thing I’ve ever heard back on something I’ve written and I suppose I shouldn’t let it bother me so much. Actually, now that I’ve vented, I feel better about it already. And anyway, I’m sure this anonymous person read my story, didn’t have any idea that it was the final story in a small saga that, as a whole, definitely has no similarities to 50 Shades, and thought I was ripping the published novel off. (I might point out here that 50 Shades did in fact start as a rip-off of another well-known, wildly popular set of novels that I also found less than satisfactorily written.)

OK. I’m done now. If you’re still with me, and still like me as a person, thank you for taking the time to read my work and be patient while I bitch and moan about a random anonymous comment.

I spent the morning with my mom and two of her friends at a local rural farmer’s market. Every year this place does a special Christmas market with special deals and sleigh rides and the like for kids. I found a few good deals, picked up a couple small Christmas gifts and spent a lot of time shivering, since part of the market was outdoors! It wasn’t so bad though. It was also extremely touching and moving that in a place with hundreds of people milling around, absolutely everyone and everything fell silent at 11 a.m. for the Remembrance Day moment of silence. I respected the moment as well and gave thanks – and always do – for those men and woman who have fought, and are still fighting, to give us this life we live, in the places we live in. The kind of life in which someone can express an opinion about a story they read on-line and someone else can voice a rebuttal. 🙂

In other news, I’m watching some playoff CFL football and staying inside where it’s warm. Good lord, it was a brutal week for weather here! We got somewhere in the region of 20cm of snow, or almost 8″ for you non-metric types, and the temperature dropped to -23C (-9.4F) last night. So yeah, I’m going to make another hot chocolate and keep my fleecy pants and sweater on, thank you very much. 😀

Until next time, take care and happy reading!




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4 responses to “In Which I Defend My Work

  1. Karen

    A bunch of us went to the beach last spring and were taking turns reading it. We decided that every time one of us read about her biting her lip, we’d take a shot. Needless to say, no one was sober within the first hour. See there is some merit in that book!

  2. Lady Falcon

    I have not read the 50 shades books. The first time I even heard of them a group of the ladies at work were reading them. Let me put something in perspective about these ladies at work, hmmm (without being cruel), they have led very sheltered “white bread” lives. They are, in their own way, Stepford wives. They were all agog and tittering over what they were reading with that shocked but intrigued look as they told me about the book. They were telling me because they are not big readers and they always see me with a book. I smiled gently and encouraged them to keep reading. They said it was so (whispered) sexy. (side note: anytime they feel a word shouldn’t be said out loud they whisper it) I laughed and said I could read many stories in that genre for free that were much more intense and sexy online if I found that genre tantalizing. Then I left the break room and went back to work.

    lol, Karen, nice!

    -9.4! Good grief! I’ll send some of my high of 77 weather to you.

  3. Jen

    How anyone can compare your stories with 50 Shades is beyond me, so what if there are a few similarities, the amount of stories out there on Lit now that have been compared to what I consider being the biggest load of rubbish is unbelievable, I have read the books and am sorry I wasted my time reading such drivel.

    I adore your Christian and Maggie stories and it’s even better knowing it’s loosely based on your relationship.

  4. Fabiana

    If it makes you feel better, I actually told my husband that, if I had to choose a Christian for myself, I’d prefer yours. Don’t worry about minor stuff, just keep writing. And enjoying your Christian, of course. 🙂

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