Anywhere in Space and Time

Are there any Doctor Who fans out there? I’m a recent convert to the Doctor Who universe and I’ve been enjoying it ever since my SO and Eve McFadden got me into it. Last week’s episode saw the Doctor traveling with a new companion for the first time. He asked her, where would you like to go? We can go anywhere in space and time…

Today, I’d like to know, where would you go? If the Doctor showed up on your doorstep and offered to take you anywhere in space and time, what would your answer be? 😀

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5 responses to “Anywhere in Space and Time

  1. Mark Milewski

    I have been a fan of Doctor Who for 45 years. I started watching it on Public Television. I would like to go to Philadelphia on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed.

  2. Slone

    Oh yay! Another Whovian in the world 🙂 I’d want to find my ancestors right when they came over from Europe (mid 1800s) and tell them it will all be worth it. Or go visit the Library of Alexandria.

  3. Lady Falcon

    I watched Dr. Who back in the late 70s early 80s…the Doctor I remember most was Tom Baker. I’ve watched a few of the new ones and I’m not sure I like the new Doctor but I’ll keep giving him a try.

    Where and when would I want to go…hmmm…..I like both Mike’s and Slone’s answers. To be different I guess I’d say I’d like to be with de Soto the first time he sees The Mississippi River or with Magellan as he explored.

  4. buttercup1992

    All of Space and Time and yet I know exactly why I’d want to see, since its something I have always wanted to and never will see with my own eyes.

    I’d copy with Brian Williams does in the episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship in the first half of series 7 – I’d want to see the earth. What it looks like hanging in space, where it sits in the universe, it’s formation, it’s history and it’s future from a point of view thousands of miles up. Maybe it’s just because I’m a space geek but that’s what I’d do!

  5. meg

    I would like to the future first. At least 30 years into the future. and then I would like to go to the beginning of time and see what that was like. Might as well 🙂

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