I’m not going to be exploring any ‘deep’ relationship topics or writing foibles today. I’m just checking in to say that I’m going to have a busy May. I’ll be moving June 1st and dealing with everything that goes along with that until then. If I do end up with any free time – evenings, weekends or whenever – I would rather focus any remaining energy on writing. So, for now, I’m going to take a break from regular posts on my blog. Once I’m all settled in my new digs, with internet – hopefully without any delays!! – I’ll be back to a regular schedule.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, wherever you are. It’s a beautiful day here, and it’s been a beautiful weekend. I spent all day outside yesterday – reading, walking around with my niece, throwing the toys for the dogs – and we even roasted hot dogs and smokies on the fire, had s’mores (with chocolate marshmallows!)  for dessert. It was awesome!

IMG_0242 IMG_0243

Take care, and happy reading.



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  1. Lady Falcon

    I wish you a move with no drama. Take Care. 🙂

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