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Book Club Recap – “Snobbery With Violence”


This past Sunday was the most recent gathering of Book Club. The selected book was “Snobbery with Violence” by M.C. Beaton. It was a book I’d picked up at the grocery store on sale and I thought it looked interesting. I quite enjoyed the book and if any of you have read it, I hope you liked it as well!

The book is an Edwardian era novel following the exploits of one Rose Summer. The book starts with the end of her engagement to a man who her father had suspected of being a bad choice. He hired Captain Harry Cathcart to investigate the fiance and the scandal that follows the broken engagement, diminishes Rose’s already slim prospects for a good marriage. As a last resort, she attends a house party in the country where murder interrupts the serenity of the place. Rose, instead of focusing on finding a husband, is more interested in solving the murder, much to the other guests dismay. Into the mix comes Harry Cathcart and the tension between the two is most entertaining.

Here are some thoughts shared last week.

“It was fun to follow the twists and turns to find out whodunnit.”

I agree, though I once again found myself a bit behind the story when it came to finding out the killer. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t pick up on the clues enough during the story to figure it out ahead of the protagonist. It’s not just the historical mysteries. Contemporary mysteries leave me stumped. I tend to not read as much mystery as the rest. This book though, didn’t solely focus on the murder and who the killer was so it was interesting enough to keep me going. 🙂

“Rose was definitely quite the little spitfire for that group.”

The group at the house party is definitely the kind of group that likes to stick to the proper way of doing things. Then Rose comes along, less concerned with snagging a husband and more concerned with solving a murder. What kind of ‘proper’ lady does that? It was entertaining reading their reactions to her topics of conversations.

“[Rose] knew she was going against the grain and kinda just went blindly. Even though she was one of the most educated and intellectual woman she just was not exposed to 1900’s common sense’.”

On the other hand, Rose did tend to jump into a situation with no idea of the consequences. She wanted so badly to prove herself to the group, and show that she didn’t need a man, that she put herself into some dangerous positions. Also, she might have kept in mind that she was dealing with a cold-blooded murderer! If they’d already offed one person who got in their way, who’s to say they wouldn’t have done the same to the some busy-body who comes along asking questions?

In all, it was an interesting book and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.

For the next book club gathering, I’m looking at hosting it late in September, after the busy summer season. As always, if anyone has any story or book suggestions, send me a message and let me know. It is tough picking something that I think everyone will read, or enjoy. In any case, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It’s the Canada Day long weekend here and it’s the hottest it’s been all year!

Take care and happy reading.

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Recent Events

Hello all.

I had meant to write earlier today but it’s been a busy weekend, and really, a busy month for me. Most of all though, my mind has been on other things, besides updating here and writing anything at all, really. If you watch the news, you may have seen something of the recent events here in Southern Alberta. I know not everywhere will have coverage of what’s going on, but as I know people in the eastern and southern US states, I do know the news has been getting around.

Southern Alberta, parts of the B.C. Interior and now east and north of us, there are massive floods occurring, due to heavy rainfall over the past several days, combined with the late snow melt flowing down the rivers from the mountains. It’s had a devastating effect on Calgary and a community just south of us, High River. I don’t even know what to compare it to because I’ve never seen anything like this in this part of the world. Ever. Tens of thousands of people are without homes or power. The entire downtown core of Calgary has been shut down, all bridges to and from blocked off to prevent anyone but essential emergency personnel from going there. High River is all but empty with the Canadian military lending assistance to make sure people are still getting out safely, though I believe now that most people have been removed to safe locations. As far as I know, no one has been injured or killed though I did see a report that some people are unaccounted for, which is never a good sign. All in all though, considering the number of people affected, this could have been so much worse. I just thank God that it wasn’t. Yes, this is horrible, and yes, some will have lost everything but the lives of those displaced and the lives of their loved ones are so much more important than all the rest.

I’ve been trying to limit my intake of news coverage. I’m lucky enough to not have just moved to an area that was flooded – though I’m closer than many of my friends or family – but it’s upsetting to see the devestation. I don’t mean I’m just burying my head in the sand. Rather, watching the images over and over again aren’t going to change anything. Also, checking on-line coverage and articles just makes me angry when I get to the comments sections. There are some cold-blooded people out there, making insensitive and ignorant remarks.

OT: Why do people believe they can say or do anything, so long as they’re on-line? It’s a sad comment on humanity these days that you can look at the destruction of a place that’s home to over a million people and make a crack about the Calgary Flames being extinguished by all the water. Or make a comment that we somehow deserve this as a province because of the oil sands in the north. You just come off as a stupid, sad individual with no heart, no compassion. I’d like to know how you’d handle the same sort of disaster in your own community.

End rant. Sorry, but it’s bothersome to me all the time, these sorts of comments in the on-line community. Not just because this is a tragedy occurring in my home town, but any time something awful happens, anywhere, these people come out of the wood work and they think it’s OK to share these poisonous thoughts.

Ok. Moving on for real now…

As I mentioned above, I did just move back to the city but I’m fine. My neighbourhood was thankfully unaffected. My family, south and west of the city, are also fine. I’m thankful for that, as I am every day. I’ll do what I can over the coming weeks, even if that’s something as minor as staying out of the way of the professionals. If you’re interested in helping, in any way, I believe you can visit the Red Cross website or the City of Calgary website. Don’t take me at my word though – beyond knowing the basics as any average citizen would, I haven’t done any research. I’m sure there are links everywhere but I have heard The Canadian Red Cross mentioned a few times, so start there. News coverage is everywhere as well.

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my Sunday chores. I hope you’re all safe and happy at home this weekend. If this past week has taught me anything it’s that you need to count your blessings, no matter how small. And I’ve written this before – but I’ll write this again! – hug your loved ones. If they live far from you, call them on the phone and tell them that you love them. Don’t ever let them wonder if you do.

Do take care, and happy reading.

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Still Nothing New

Hello all,

Nothing new to report. Those books that were all over the place in my last photo are now safely put away in my bookcases. 🙂 And really, what else do you need to know?

Oh right. You might care about my writing progress. Well, not much this week. There have been other stresses recently, and they’re ongoing. Hence the short post today. I try to write when I can but it’s a bit spotty these days. I’ll get back to it soon and I hope to have something new to report soon but I  make no promises.

For now, I hope everyone is having a lovely Father’s Day and that you’re all spending some time with family. I’ll be off to visit the family this evening as well.

As always, take care and happy reading.

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New Digs, No News


Wow, it feels like ages since I wrote on here. I suppose it has been, considering I kept up with weekly posts until last month. I was busy with packing and moving and I seem to have mostly settled in to my new place. I’m back in the city and so much closer to work. It’s like a dream to be able to wake up and hour later and get to work in under a half hour. 🙂

I’m still missing a few minor things (like a can opener… When I went looking for that last night it kind of messed up my dinner plans. 🙂 ) but I’m all unpacked and even have pictures hanging on the walls now. My favorite part of moving is unpacking my books. I’m a freak, I know. Here’s evidence of what a gargantuan task it is.


My three bookcases are overflowing already and I have come to the sad realization that I have to get rid of some, especially if I ever want to get a new one. Not a lot and I’ve already kind of decided which ones to cull. *sigh* I’ll manage. Hey, there’s a mark in favor of Kindles and other ereaders. At least if I have a thousand books in one device, I don’t have to worry about moving twenty boxes.

In other news, I’m sure you saw my posting a few weeks ago about my latest release, “Double Vision.” It’s the third in my TAITS series, and had been, at one time, posted on Literotica. Of all those stories that were posted on Lit, Double Vision is probably the most altered from it’s original state. Not in a bad way, in my opinion. 🙂 I hope you still enjoy it, if you’d been an original reader way back in the day.

I’m currently working on a few different things. With things in my life being so scattered for the last couple months, I’ve been barely able to focus on anything, much less writing anything worth mentioning. However, I’m sure you’d all like to know when I’m going to post or publish anything new. And the truth is… I have no idea! 😀 Rest assured, I’m working on it.

A thought occurred to me earlier this week when I was considering what to write this weekend. I write about a lot of random crap on here and I don’t know if I’m ever answering all your questions. That is, assuming you have any questions for me. So how about this, you tell me what you want to know and I’ll answer. Almost anything. 🙂 Maybe you want to know about my writing, my reading habits or what I love about living where I do. Maybe you don’t care, and that’s fine too! Anyway, if you have some burning question, post it in the comments below, or send me a message through the ‘Contact Tamara’ tab.

For now, I’m going to go back to enjoying my quiet new home and make a cup of tea. I hope you’re all having a nice weekend.

Take care and happy reading.

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