Book Club Recap – “Snobbery With Violence”


This past Sunday was the most recent gathering of Book Club. The selected book was “Snobbery with Violence” by M.C. Beaton. It was a book I’d picked up at the grocery store on sale and I thought it looked interesting. I quite enjoyed the book and if any of you have read it, I hope you liked it as well!

The book is an Edwardian era novel following the exploits of one Rose Summer. The book starts with the end of her engagement to a man who her father had suspected of being a bad choice. He hired Captain Harry Cathcart to investigate the fiance and the scandal that follows the broken engagement, diminishes Rose’s already slim prospects for a good marriage. As a last resort, she attends a house party in the country where murder interrupts the serenity of the place. Rose, instead of focusing on finding a husband, is more interested in solving the murder, much to the other guests dismay. Into the mix comes Harry Cathcart and the tension between the two is most entertaining.

Here are some thoughts shared last week.

“It was fun to follow the twists and turns to find out whodunnit.”

I agree, though I once again found myself a bit behind the story when it came to finding out the killer. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t pick up on the clues enough during the story to figure it out ahead of the protagonist. It’s not just the historical mysteries. Contemporary mysteries leave me stumped. I tend to not read as much mystery as the rest. This book though, didn’t solely focus on the murder and who the killer was so it was interesting enough to keep me going. 🙂

“Rose was definitely quite the little spitfire for that group.”

The group at the house party is definitely the kind of group that likes to stick to the proper way of doing things. Then Rose comes along, less concerned with snagging a husband and more concerned with solving a murder. What kind of ‘proper’ lady does that? It was entertaining reading their reactions to her topics of conversations.

“[Rose] knew she was going against the grain and kinda just went blindly. Even though she was one of the most educated and intellectual woman she just was not exposed to 1900’s common sense’.”

On the other hand, Rose did tend to jump into a situation with no idea of the consequences. She wanted so badly to prove herself to the group, and show that she didn’t need a man, that she put herself into some dangerous positions. Also, she might have kept in mind that she was dealing with a cold-blooded murderer! If they’d already offed one person who got in their way, who’s to say they wouldn’t have done the same to the some busy-body who comes along asking questions?

In all, it was an interesting book and I’m looking forward to reading more in the series.

For the next book club gathering, I’m looking at hosting it late in September, after the busy summer season. As always, if anyone has any story or book suggestions, send me a message and let me know. It is tough picking something that I think everyone will read, or enjoy. In any case, I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It’s the Canada Day long weekend here and it’s the hottest it’s been all year!

Take care and happy reading.


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