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Recovery Mode

I’m having a hard time getting motivated these days to write anything new. I have a few different things that I’ll write a few pages on at a time, but I can’t seem to focus much. I am just back from holidays and that’s always a tough week. I miss being able to sleep when I want and not have to worry about work. *sigh* Oh well.

I’ll get back to a routine soon, I’m sure. But for now, I’m going to take a break. No big groundbreaking blog entry today. 😉

Take care and happy reading!

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Happy Travels


I wrote last week that I would be on vacation this week and might not have internet. As it turns out, I do! So here I am writing dutifully while on vacation. It’s all for you, dear readers. 🙂 Well, and me. Honestly, if I didn’t love what I do, you’d never hear from me. Of course, I also am on holidays with my SO and he understands – and encourages – my passion for writing and is usually the one reminding me that I do need to write something for my blog on Sundays.

This week, I don’t have much to share. I spent a full day flying yesterday (on a plane, not with my arms. ;)) and made a few observations, in between trying not to vomit whilst hurtling through the air. I’m not sure at what point I became such a nervous flyer but I am. The last time I made this trip, the final leg of my trip was a flight so turbulent, and the landing so sickening, that I wasn’t sure I could make the trip home again. And me, being the worrier that I am, spent my hours ahead of my first flight yesterday reliving that flight – which, I found out after landing at my final destination was so bumpy and the landing so questionable because we’d been chased by a major storm system that included tornadoes. AWEsome. Anyway, I arrived safely at my destination without having to employ the barf bag so that’s a small victory.

I mentioned once in a blog post a few months ago about all the places you can observe people (and then write about them!) and airports are one the best places to do it. Yesterday was no exception. I’m not saying I saw or heard anything surprising or horrifying but I did observe several hundred men, women and children and managed to make some notes. Also, I thought I’d share some things that occurred to me.

One: When you sneeze on a plane, cover your mouth. Same goes for coughing. Yes, I realize this doesn’t stop the germs from going everywhere and spreading in the recirculated air, but it sure would make me feel better knowing you didn’t just spray one side of me with your mucus.

Two: Don’t walk in a straight line and assume those coming in the opposite direction will move out of your way. Make an effort not to knock over people in your path, and a simple, “oops, pardon me” or “I’m sorry” may not remove the bruise from my shoulder but at least I’ll know you didn’t intentionally try to mow me down.

Three: Please and thank you go a long way with those working airlines and within airports. So do smiles and saying have a good day. After that awful flight I told you about, a hug and tearful thank you for not killing me might also be appreciated. (Kidding! I didn’t cry or hug a stranger once I landed that night.)

Four: Standing up and forming a line before they call your group doesn’t determine whether or not you’ll get on the plane. Purchasing a ticket means you get on your plane. So does checking in and arriving at your departure gate on time. Besides, why would you want to get on a plane so soon? Especially for a longer flight. You’re going to be sitting pretty much the whole time anyway. Just relax and take a breath. You’ll get on.

Five: The same goes for standing up the second the plane stops at your arrival gate. Being the first one to stand up doesn’t mean you’re the first one off. Just cool your jets and wait a couple minutes. Just like getting on, you will get off the plane.

I think that about covers it. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday (or enjoyed it) and know that I’m spending the next week sweating my ass off in a place that is considerably warmer than my hometown. Humidity like this should be illegal. Just sayin’.

As always, take care and happy reading.

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