Pain and Ice Cream


I’m only stopping by to say that I won’t be writing much this week. I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday morning and I’m sore. And distracted by being sore. And hungry because all I can manage to eat is soft or liquid crap and that means nothing filling or remotely satisfying, like a big greasy burger or a large pizza. *sigh* But I do love ice cream. Having a milkshake for dinner the other night was the highlight of my week. 🙂

Anyway, I’m feeling somewhat better today. Yesterday wasn’t pretty. I am super sensitive to general anesthesia. My body reacts by making me vomit. Repeatedly. For about 24-30 hours following the procedure. TMI? Sorry. 😀 It’s all done now. Now I’m back to just wanting a big meal.

Moving on, I hope everyone is having a nice long weekend. I’m going to indulge in some more ice cream, pudding and popsicles and then sleep in tomorrow.

Take care and happy reading.


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  1. Amy

    So rough! i have the same reaction under general anestetic and unfortunately had the same experience after they took out my FOUR wisdom teeth at once. Hang in there! avoid straws! it does get better.

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