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Busy Writing

I’ve been neglecting this blog something fierce lately. I know. I have no excuse except that almost from the time I last wrote on here, I have been spending all my spare time – when I have the energy – writing. It’s something brand new, and in a whole new genre for me. It’s not half done, and I’m sure it will need extensive editing and work when I’m done, as all my work does, but I’m extremely happy with it so far. I’m having so much fun writing it if only for the simple fact that it’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything worth mentioning.

I am still occasionally working on editing some older manuscripts but whenever I feel the urge, I’ve been focusing on this new story. I don’t know how many more weeks it’ll be until I finish it but if I keep going at the same rate, it’ll be soon!

In other news… Well, I don’t have any other news. I’ve been binge-watching a few shows, reading a lot of books and writing, as I already mentioned! Speaking of shows, who else was totally pumped for the return of Game of Thrones??? I let out a huge sigh of relief last Sunday and I don’t care how much of a nerd that makes me sound like. 🙂

I hope everyone out there is happy and well and enjoying the turn of the seasons. I love my quirky little part of the world. It was a glorious spring day yesterday with loads of sunshine and warm weather. Then this morning… it snowed. 😉 Of course, the temperature rose with the sun and there’s no trace of this morning’s snow now but still, it was a wonderful sudden change that is so typical of this area.

And on that note, I’m going to go. I hope you’re all well and don’t give up on me yet! I’m still around, still writing and still intend to post on occasion when I have something to share.

Take care and happy reading.


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