No Good-Byes

Everybody has a favorite author, right? You do, I know I do, and anyone who reads looks forward to a new release from their favorite more than any other. Have you ever wondered why the next release doesn’t come? Or if you stick mainly to perusing the websites like Literotica, what do you think happens when they stop posting anything new?

I was talking about it with my SO the other night, and we agreed that we do wonder sometimes. Sometimes, an author stops posting anything right in the middle of a multi-chapter story. Other times, their work is all complete, but they disappear. The same thing can happen with print publications.

I’d been reading an historical-mystery author, Ariana Franklin, for a few years and I even got my parents hooked on her novels as well. Each of her books could be read on their own, as they were a complete mystery, solved by the end, but they were part of a series featuring the same main characters. The last book she wrote, A Murderous Procession, was everything her other novels had been – exciting, full of vibrant characters and settings, and featuring dastardly villains – and she did something she’d never done before: she ended it on a whopper of a cliffhanger. Of course, after reading that, I checked the bookstores constantly for the new release, checked the websites for any info on a release date and did everything I’m sure many other fans have done when caught up in a wonderful series. However, I came across her biography page through the publisher one day and it stated that she’d passed away at age 77, not long after the release of that book. I was saddened to read that, and sorry for her family. At the same time, I was selfish in thinking that I’d never know how it all turned out in the end. I’m sure she didn’t intend to leave it so open-ended but that’s life, isn’t it?

I have another favorite author, Diana Wynne Jones, whom I’ve mentioned before on here. Her books are all pretty much stand-alone novels. I’ve been reading her since I was ten or eleven years old, as most of her titles are children’s or young adult. I still enjoy her novels at my age now, as they are so detailed and adventurous, you can’t help but love them. I was checking her biography one day a few years ago and saw that she also had passed away. So nothing new will be forthcoming, though thank God we have so many novels from these two women, as well as a multitude of other authors that we can enjoy again and again.

On Lit, things aren’t always so apparent. Unfortunately, the website is designed around being able to post, read and comment anonymously. Sure, you may know I’m MugsyB but you don’t know who I am. If I disappeared and stopped posting for a significant amount of time, you wouldn’t know if I’d stopped writing for free to pursue other avenues, or if I’d become ill or been injured. Or the worst. That has happened in the cases of a few authors I’ve read on there. I’m hoping that they’ve just moved on and are living their lives happy and well.

In that spirit, I wanted to post today to let everyone who might care know that I am still around. I am still writing though the bulk of my writing time is taken up by writing full-length novels that I hope to publish in the near future. I won’t stop posting periodically on my blog or on Lit but it’s certainly won’t be as frequent as it once was. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about the end of the tunnel for some time yet, so I’ll have plenty of time to decide what to do when that time comes.

Next time you read a favorite author, book or story on-line, take a moment to thank the writer for their efforts. I don’t mean send fan-mail necessarily, but understand the effort it takes to put a story together and to post it on-line or publish it. Some authors might know how much their novels are appreciated in the number of sales but writers on free forums like Literotica or Wattpad or anything alone those lines sometimes never know how well loved they are. So, if you have the time and the opportunity, let them know you enjoy their work and hope to see more. Let them know that their absence would be noticed and let them know that you’ll enjoy their work for years to come. That’s the beauty of what we do. Words stay behind.

Until next time, take care and happy reading!



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4 responses to “No Good-Byes

  1. William

    You are one of my favorite authors! It all began with Amelia & Sean. Now, I’m a hockey nut! Go Penguins! I too try to write…two novels to date, but have not published anything. Your stories enrich my life. Thank you!

  2. Lady Falcon

    i am so glad you are still around. 🙂

  3. Jim Winstead

    Hi Mugsy 🙂 I have missed you! Went to Republica press and discovered its gone. Do you have a new publisher if so its here somewhere I am sure but rather than chase perhaps u could post or send an email. I suspect my email is in ur file under as I have commented to you from Lit in the past. Always truly enjoyed ur writings and I want to get (buy) a copy of any novels lol and I will be sure to send out my comments or a review if it would help. Thanks and do stay away from that tunnel we love you and really dont wanna lose you.


  4. Sarah

    Thank you for writing. I have read your hockey stories on Lit a countless amount of times when I am down I turn to them as a pick me up. Your writing is clever and funny and most of all relatable. So thank you for writing and sharing it with us all.

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