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Publication News – “Worlds Away”

Hello and good day!

I wrote a few weeks ago about a new book I’d completed, titled “Worlds Away.” It is now available for purchase in its entirety on Amazon, in all markets. It’s available as an ebook, and for the first time with any of my books, in a paperback option as well. Click links for the Amazon pages.

I hope you enjoy it if you read it, and if you do, please, PLEASE, leave a review and rating. It’s all I’ve got to generate interest in the book if someone new is browsing my work.

As well, I’ve entered the book in something called the Storyteller Contest. It’s run through the Amazon UK Store specifically, but it’s open to entrants from all over the world, so long as they publish their work in the UK store/market, which I have done, and usually do. 🙂 I’ve been reading up on the rules and how the judging will be working, and a large part of how they narrow the field is through the reader reviews, download counts, and purchases. So, if ever you’ve wondered how to support me beyond just buying the book and giving it 5 stars (:P), here it is. The grand prize, not that I’m holding my breath or anything, is a substantial amount of money. It would certainly go a long way towards making it easier for me to devote more time to my writing, which means more of the books and stories you love. Or at least, I hope you love them. Why else would you be here? 😉

In any case, another book published, another one I’d love to hear your feedback on, and always more in the works.

Worlds Away, by Tamara Clarke

“She’s been on the run for years, never staying in one place too long. She thinks she’s safe, until the day a Raven and a Wolf show themselves. Then she’s running headlong back into the world she once knew, where things aren’t what they seem, not anymore. Politics and magic collide and she’s in danger from the moment she steps foot in the Autumn Kingdom. Her every breath is a violation of the world’s laws and she knows it, but she soon finds out that there’s so much more at stake.

Kingdoms will clash, and corrupt, evil magic will show its face. Somehow she has to find a way to save them all, without losing herself to the fire in her veins.”

As always, take care and happy reading!

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