About Tamara

Tamara Clarke is a writer of action/adventure romance ebooks and the occasional free romance on-line. Her greatest passions in life are writing (of course!), reading and hockey – but you probably already knew that before visiting this page. 😉

She loves to hear from readers/fans and does her best to keep up correspondence with those who write regularly. In spite of her best efforts, ‘real life’ work and activity often keeps her from writing back to those who comment or send feedback and even worse, keeps her from writing more. She does her best and appreciates the support she receives from her family and the on-line community.

Tamara spends the majority of her time in her home in the foothills of Alberta, Canada but takes every opportunity to travel when she can.

In this blog, you will come across a variety of topics that interest Tamara; from writing to life events to hockey. If you’ve taken the time to visit, thank you for your time and hopefully you’ll return soon!

Take care and Happy Reading! 😉

If you’d like to contact Tamara, use the form below:

5 responses to “About Tamara

  1. SoCalCynic

    Thanks for sharing your gift

  2. Nikki

    I love reading your stories and am going to buy the book that you have about the ice series.

    I too am following the playoffs and, of course, being a Canadian, am rooting for the Canucks. Hopefully they can pull it out in game 6!

    Thank you for your stories and your passion!

  3. Naazneen

    I hope you are well.
    I completely love your stories. It keeps me awake most evenings. I often cannot wait to read the next chapter.

  4. Alex

    hello! i am obsessed with your stories :). i’m in love with hockey, and combined with the romance… umph! question, do you have a link to some of the free stories not on literotica, i.e. number’s game? i just read drew and mina’s story and i’d love to read the prequel to that 😀

  5. Lucy Buttercup

    Hi Tamara, I’ve been a huge fan of you work on Literotica for a long time and an avid follower of your blog – although it’s looking a bit on the slim side lately 😉

    I also have my own wordpress blog and I would love to take the opportunity to share it with you and your readers. I post everyday about what I love. I also post about Erotica, Romance, writing, photography and more so if anybody is interested please take a peek!

    Thank you everybody 🙂


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