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I’ve been neglecting this blog something fierce lately. I know. I have no excuse except that almost from the time I last wrote on here, I have been spending all my spare time – when I have the energy – writing. It’s something brand new, and in a whole new genre for me. It’s not half done, and I’m sure it will need extensive editing and work when I’m done, as all my work does, but I’m extremely happy with it so far. I’m having so much fun writing it if only for the simple fact that it’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything worth mentioning.

I am still occasionally working on editing some older manuscripts but whenever I feel the urge, I’ve been focusing on this new story. I don’t know how many more weeks it’ll be until I finish it but if I keep going at the same rate, it’ll be soon!

In other news… Well, I don’t have any other news. I’ve been binge-watching a few shows, reading a lot of books and writing, as I already mentioned! Speaking of shows, who else was totally pumped for the return of Game of Thrones??? I let out a huge sigh of relief last Sunday and I don’t care how much of a nerd that makes me sound like. :)

I hope everyone out there is happy and well and enjoying the turn of the seasons. I love my quirky little part of the world. It was a glorious spring day yesterday with loads of sunshine and warm weather. Then this morning… it snowed. ;) Of course, the temperature rose with the sun and there’s no trace of this morning’s snow now but still, it was a wonderful sudden change that is so typical of this area.

And on that note, I’m going to go. I hope you’re all well and don’t give up on me yet! I’m still around, still writing and still intend to post on occasion when I have something to share.

Take care and happy reading.

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February News

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on here. Not that I have anything new to share with you, but I thought I could at least touch base.

Most of my spare time these days is spent writing. Or trying to, anyway. I’m trying to edit the fourth book in my TAITS series. I’m trying to edit “Uncovering the Ice” and get that out there and available for sale again, since a lot of people seem to be asking about it. I’m also trying to write new, never before posted or published stories. Between work and other life drama, I’m not accomplishing much of anything, unfortunately.

It’s not that I’m blocked. I am almost overwhelmed with choices and ideas and it’s almost too much to just pick one and settle on that for a while. I’ve been trying to focus more on Sean and Vanessa’s story but you all know how much I enjoy editing and revision. *sigh*

I keep thinking of that wonderful time a few years back when I had nothing else to do all day but write and write and write. It wasn’t necessarily a good time, since I was unemployed for about 7 months, but it was wonderful because I was able to fall into my ideal routine of getting up, eating breakfast, making coffee and sitting down to write. And I wrote a lot! I finished several “Ice” stories in that time, finished my first book for publication (“Agent Alpha” – which is incidentally available for sale still on Amazon Kindle. :) ) and loved what I did every day.

That’s not to say I’m miserable doing what I do now but working a great job with great people just doesn’t compare with doing what I love. I’m sure there are many out there who would agree. ;)

That being said, I am still writing. I occasionally get emails asking if I’m still around and still writing and please, when can I publish/post/share something new. Believe me, I am craving the feedback more than you’re craving the reading! Rest assured, I will notify the world (and by the world, I mean my dozens of faithful readers!).

In other news, who is loving this season of hockey??? It’s been so exciting for the teams in the west. Except for my Flames, but I still love them. Bless their hearts for trying so hard, every game, and I’m always behind them! But, in spite of them being mortal enemies, I can’t not give a shout out to that Edmonton Oilers goalie, Ben Scrivens, who stopped 59 freaking shots by the San Jose Sharks. Yeah!! 59 shots on goal. Absolutely unheard of. I don’t think there’s a hockey fan alive out there who wouldn’t tip their hats at that. Way to go, Ben, and I hope you give your fans many more incredible games to remember.

All right. Nothing else going on to report. I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. If you were stuck in some of that crazy southern winter storm, I hope you recovered safely and weren’t too put out by it.

Take care and happy reading.


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It’s 2014!

Welcome to a brand new year. OK. So I’m a little late for the Happy New Years but whatever. Better late than never… ;)

My December was rather hectic and busy and so far this week hasn’t felt slow. :) I bet most people’s Decembers are on the busy side. Holiday parties, family and friend get-togethers, and shopping. Mine was much the same. Throw in a journey that involved a nearly missed flight connection and a missing suitcase, and then you get my holiday. It wasn’t too terrible, just tiring.

My Christmas was low-key. I slept in late that morning and lazed around in pajamas most of the day along with my guy and his family. New Years was about the same, except with sparkling grape juice at midnight. And then, before I knew it, the holidays were over and I was back at work.

I’m sure it was the same for a lot of other people. I’ve been trying to catch up on sleep and chores this week, with very little downtime in between. It’s all right though. I did manage a wee bit of writing this week, so it wasn’t a total loss. I think now that 2013 is done, I’ll start to feel like my old self again and maybe write even more!

I just wanted to write a quick little note to say hi and welcome to 2014. :) I hope everyone had a good 2013, or at least, a less troubled year than I did.

Happy New Year! Take care and happy reading.

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Merry Christmas

Hello all.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. I thought, with the holiday season upon us, that I would stop by and let you know that I am still around and still writing. Nothing much of note but I do work on it whenever I get the chance.

I’ve spent the past week setting up my place with my Christmas tree and other assorted decorations. I did some baking today – nothing new, and sorry, I won’t have time this month to do my usual baking/sharing for the holidays! – and cleaned up. In my spare moments of extra energy (few and far between, believe me) I am trying to catch up on my reading and writing, as I mentioned.

In between all that, I’ve been shoveling snow and trying not to freeze the moment I step outside. It’s been brutally cold. There was a statistic shared on the news/radio earlier this week that 5 of the coldest places on Earth were in Alberta. A dubious honor, to be sure. :)

I really just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season, wherever you are.

As always, take care and happy reading.

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Changing Seasons

I’m sitting here in my front room, watching the snow fall. When I woke up the snow had just started, adding splotches of white here and there to the brown and yellow landscape outside. It’s been a few hours now and the snow has covered everything but the sidewalks and roads. I’m sure, given another couple of hours, those will be white as well.

I don’t know what it is about the first really good snowfall. I’ve always loved it. Everything that just died and changed colour, which in this part of the world isn’t the lovely medley of autumn colours that some places get. Then the snow comes and everything gets covered in a fresh, clean layer of white. Even the sounds of the street and the noise of the city becomes muted. I love it!

At this time of year, I’m usually looking forward to quiet nights in, avoiding traffic because, well, let’s be honest, snow is beautiful but it causes havoc on the roads. This year, my life has gone a bit topsy-turvy. I haven’t written much on here lately, as you may or may not have noticed. The last few weekends I’ve opted to focus on rest – hard to come by these days – and writing or editing my work, to get more out there for you. And for me. :)

I’ve decided to take a bit of a hiatus from writing here. I’ll still post and update when I have something worth updating about. I’ll notify everyone when I post a new story or when something new gets published. For now though, I just can’t see myself dedicating much time to writing stories, let alone updating a weekly blog. I’ve got to get my second job going (fingers crossed on that one) and I need to sort out some other personal… Stuff. Rest assured, I’m well, I just can’t put too much energy into other things right now. Fact of life. We all experience it sometimes, right?

In any case, I hope you all check back from time to time to see what’s new. I hope you all keep well and safe during the oncoming holiday season. For now, I will go back to watching the snow and wondering how much will fall in the next 12 hours or so.

Take care and happy reading.

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Give Thanks

This weekend is Thanksgiving here and I’ll be leaving shortly to join my family for dinner.    As always, Thanksgiving is literally a time to give thanks for all we have in our lives. I’m thankful for too much to list in a simple blog but I can say for sure that I’m thankful for one little decision someone very special made over two years ago. I suppose his decision to reach out to me was made because of my decision to write and post what I write. Of course, I could go back for years through my life and trace all those decisions that brought me to this point in my life now.

Have you ever done that? Cast your memory back and wondered if this choice or that might have brought you to a different place? It can be maddening at times, especially if you think you made the wrong decision about something major. But what about all those little choices? When you decided not to go to dinner with that friend because you were feeling lazy? Or how about not going to get groceries on Saturday, and doing it Sunday instead? You wouldn’t think about that making such a huge difference. Like I said… One little email changed my life.

So I’m thankful for small choices. I’m thankful for big ones, like choosing to love and always being there for family and friends. I’m thankful for my family and my friends and the love of my life. I’m thankful for writing. ;)

I hope you’re all having a nice weekend, in Canada where it’s Thanksgiving, or elsewhere. Give your loved ones a hug and tell your friends hi.

Take care and happy reading.

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Unique to Me, Same to You

Is it possible to create a truly original story? Something that no one else has thought up and written down? A story that bears no resemblance to anything else you’ve read? I think you’d be hard pressed to find something truly unique.

Romance stories definitely follow a formula. Meeting, falling in love, conflict and happy resolution. Mysteries, while they may vary in the format of killing, theft or otherwise, still come out the same in the end. Fantasies and science fiction might show you something different on occasion but it still ends up feeling the same. Some sort of quest, maybe over several books, and then a… Well, if not happy, they come to some kind of ending. Except for A Song of Ice and Fire. That series might never end. :)

I often wonder, even as I’m writing something new for me, if someone out there has already written what I have. And maybe done it better. The question that then follows is, should I even bother to keep writing?

Well, of course I will. I enjoy writing just for the simple mechanics of it, as well as crafting a story that I would like to read myself. I enjoy experimenting with different points of view and formats, and writing in different genres. I still prefer writing romance overall, though I still don’t quite know why. I think it’s the ‘safest’ genre for me, if I want to put it that way. Yes, romance are all the same in their basic concepts, but it’s still a hugely popular genre and a billion-dollar a year industry. So… Same or not I’ll keep doing it. Plus, I just love a good romance.

Maybe if I read in a few more genres, branched out a bit, I might find more unique offerings. I already mentioned George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. There’s also Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. I’ve never come across anything else like that. Maybe there’s more variety in murder mysteries and horror. I just don’t have any interest in reading those. Tough for me to make a call on that.

So back to my original question. How does a writer move past the question of being truly original? Should a writer even attempt to be truly original? Each writer has to decide for themselves, I suppose.

My own biggest problem is not creating a story unique from everything else published out there. It’s writing something that’s unique from my own stories. I’ve written quite a few of the hockey-themed romance stories, as you may already know. I have plans and ideas for several more but I suppose I’ve hit a bit of a block with actually writing them. I don’t know if it’s because I can’t find a somewhat original way to write them, or if I’m bored of the series. I don’t think it’s that, though, now that I’ve written it. I still love hockey and love to romanticize it in any way I can, even though the hockey players are probably less than romantic in real life. ;) Hey, that’s what romance and stories are for, right? Entertainment and fantasy!

When I branch out into other genres, I end up writing something that feels unique and brand new to me. Obviously. Like “Body of Water” and “Bring on the Wonder”. Those were two wholly new works for me and in all honesty, I’ve never read anything like them. Of course, they’re stories in genres that I don’t typically read, so the other readers of those genres can be the judge of that. But I suppose that’s how I exercise my brain and writing skills when I worry about being original. I start by being original to me, and then maybe it’ll shake something loose for my other stories.

Like I said before, I’m going to keep writing whatever I feel like. Sometimes it’ll be well-received, and other times, maybe not so much. But if negative reviews stopped me, I probably would never have progressed beyond my very first. And my second-grade teacher gave me a glowing review so maybe I got lucky!

Take care and happy reading!

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